9/1/2010 Dart Gun Radio


Ian Rans joins us to spin a few of his favorite audio flavors and also give us a little skinny on Drinking With Ian, and it's big move after 6 years - starting the 7th - live!!! & ever other Tuesday night http://www.drinkingwithian.com/ from then on
where you can watch it on the web (*if your a cable-less poor person like me who was sure that I'd never be able to see the show - unless I was at Grumpies or on site - BUT NOW I CAN - so can you!!!
while you're waiting for that - you can listen to this. All Ian - all the time - just the way you like it.

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Playlist Tracks: 
Halo of Flies - How does it feel to feel
Album: Music for insect minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Adam and the Ants - Kick
Album: Dirk Wears White Sox; Label: fmksmlcm
Al Green - I can't get next to you
Album: get next to you (1971); Label: fkr
Amy Winehouse - Tears dry on their own
Album: baxk to black; Label: snfrjks
Baby Astronauts - Lost at your party
Album: all the pankcakes you can eat; Label: nvjkdnv
Bo Diddley - you, bo Diddley
Album: the Black Gladiator; Label: dfmns,nd
Bow Bow Bow - C30 C60 C90 Go1
Album: 80s Swag; Label: dfjskl
Brian Eno - The True Wheel
Album: Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy); Label: mnmhkn
Blue Boy - Middle Class Square
Album: ep; Label: New Age Records
The Cars - Candy O
Album: Candy O; Label: esmbbv
the Chords - I don't wanna know
Album: So Far Away; Label: dfjskj
Chrome - Meet you in the subway
Album: Subterranean Moderne; Label: krelskms
Coke Dare - Radiator Hose
Album: Feelin' up; Label: sfdksjk
Coke Dare - I wish I could get as high as Neil
Album: Feelin' up; Label: sfnrc d
David Bowie - Breaking Glass
Album: Low; Label: klljes
Dow Jones amp; the Industrials - Ladies with Appliaces
Album: Red Snerts; Label: sjfrmdmv
the Flirtations - Keep On Searching
Album: Sounds like Flirtation; Label: sjsjiji
McLusky - Alan is a Cowboy Killer
Album: McLusky Do Dallas; Label: fdsjfkdl
Neonbabies - Profi
Album: GoodNoise; Label: ersklfks
Roxy Music - editions of you
Album: their satanic majesties request; Label: fkdslkfdl
Ultravox - Rockwrok
Album: Hahahhahah!!; Label: fhrhfreh
the Scientists - When Fate deals its mortal blow
Album: Sedition; Label: ATP
Air Date: 
September 1, 2010

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