8/24/2010 Spin with Cyn


During the first hour, I featured music by musicians who've performed at Bedlam Theatre over the years, in homage to Bedlam, soon to lose their home. Most songs featured: wayfaring,so long and you will be missed themes.

The second hour, I hosted special guest Knol Tate, who brought in favorite '80s music to spin plus new, soon-to-be-released music by his bands: Satellite Voices, and Askeleton.

Playlist Tracks: 
The Dickel Bros. - I'm Getting Ready to Go
Album: Vol. 1; Label: emptee records
The Macrae Sisters - Highlander's Farewell
Album: Old Sledge; Label: unsigned
Pop Wagner Dakota Dave Hull - Might Not Never Come Home
Album: Airship; Label: Arabica
Spirits of the Red City - Goodbye, Don't Go
Album: Hunter Moon; Label: unsigned
Carpscale Orchester - Waltz of a Lost America
Album: Carpscale Orchester; Label: unsigned
Old Man Orville - Wayfaring
Album: Snatched by the Bootstraps; Label: unsigned
Dark Dark Dark - Wild Goose Chase
Album: Bright Bright Bright; Label: Supply and Demand
the Knotwells - I'll Be Gone Tomorrow
Album: Blood River Melodies; Label: unsigned
Alas Alas - Suburban Sprawl
Album: Dirty Water EP; Label: unsigned
Poor Weather Club - Cinders
Album: Escondido; Label: Unsigned
Magic Castles - Miss You (When I'm Gone)
Album: Dreams of Dreams of Dreams; Label: unsigned
Patches Gretchen - Blood Suitcase
Album: Sugarhead Pie; Label: Sandpaper Tongue Records
Rites of Spring - Spring
Album: End on End; Label: Dischord
Psychedelic Furs - She is Mine
Album: Talk Talk Talk; Label: Sbme Special Mkts.
Satellite Voices - Handsome Poets
Album: Scarlet Rays of Future Echoes; Label: Past Future Records
Echo and the Bunnymen - Happy Death Men
Album: Crocodiles; Label: Warner Bros. Wea
Gang of Four - I Love a Man in a Uniform
Album: the Infinite Zero Almanac; Label: Infinite Zero
Askeleton - Isolationist
Album: Isolationist EP; Label: Goodnight Records
Wire - Ahead
Album: the Ideal Copy; Label: Mute US
David Bowie - Because You're Young
Album: Scary Monsters; Label: Rykodisc
Askeleton - Guilt Free Guilt
Album: We are the Elite (EP); Label: Goodnight Records
Satellite Voices - Madame Confidential
Album: Scarlet Rays of Future Echoes; Label: Past Future Records
Air Date: 
August 24, 2010

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