6/6/2007 Echo Chamber


No themes or live sets this week....just a bunch of great new dubs and reissued reggae gems. The highlighted artist for the show was Tokyo Tower from Germany. The vault reissues of the week include Sweet Talking from the Heptones, and Roots Man Dub from GG All Stars, both on Heartbeat Records.

Playlist Tracks: 
*GG All Stars - Ital Collie
Album: Roots Man Dub; Label: Heartbeat
*Tokyo Tower - Dub for Life
Album: The Meaning; Label: Mutan
High Tone - Spiral Snake
Album: ADN; Label: Jarring Effects
Kaly Live Dub - Blizzar
Album: Repercussions; Label: PIAS
Dubblestandart - Immigration Dub
Album: Immigration Dub; Label: Collision - Cause of Chap. 3
*Heptones - Message from a Blackman (extended mix)
Album: Sweet Talking; Label: Studio 1 / Heartbeat
*Dub Is A Weapon - Fever
Album: Armed and Dangerous; Label: self release
*Zion Train - Life That I Choose (Dub)
Album: Life That I Choose (Deep Root single #27); Label: Deep Root
Upsetters - A Taste of Killing + Return of Ugly
Album: The Big Gundown; Label: Trojan
*Tokyo Tower - Once Upon A Dub
Album: Once Upon A Dub; Label: Mutan
Matisyahu - Chop 'em Down
Album: No Place To Be; Label: Sony
*Slimmah Sound feat. Sista Omni - Judgement Come
Album: Judgement Come (Deep Root single #26); Label: Deep Root
*Channel Two - Soul At Ease
Album: Artful Time Reduction; Label: Kajmere Music Group
*Slavic Soul Party - Sisko's Blues
Album: Teknochek Collision; Label: Barbes
Highvisators (High Tone meets Improvisators) - Drongo
Album: 100% Dub; Label: Jarring Effects
*GG All Stars - Let Dub Abide + Loving Dub
Album: Roots Man Dub; Label: Heartbeat
Willie Nelson - Sitting In Limbo
Album: Countryman; Label: Lost Highway Records
*Niyaz - Diruba (Junkie XL Mix)
Album: Traveler '06; Label: Six Degrees
*Ceu - Lenda
Album: Ceu; Label: Six Degrees
All India Radio - Mexicola
Album: Echo Other; Label: Minty Fresh
Hugh Montenegro Orchestra - Titoli
Album: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; Label: RCA
Monty Alexander Ernest Ranglin - Double Barrel
Album: Rocksteady; Label: Telarc
Roots Control - The Dub Also Rides
Album: Dread Western; Label: Wordsound
*Tokyo Tower vs. Zooloft - Leash
Album: unprejudiced; Label: tokyo-tower.net
*Heptones - Let's Try (extended mix)
Album: Sweet Talking; Label: Studio 1 / Heartbeat
Upsetters - Grumblin' Dub
Album: Arkology; Label: Island
*Mutant Frogs - Warpville (another newly hatched Frog this week!)
Album: N/A; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Tony Tuff - Good Life
Album: Say Something; Label: minor7flat5
After Hours - Dubbed Over You
Album: The Trouble With Those Guys Is...; Label: Jump Up!
Lyn Taitt the Jets - El Casino Royale
Album: Hold Me Tight; Label: Trojan
Once 11 - Long Beard on a Throne
Album: Re:up Mix Series vol. 2; Label: theAgriculture
Montuno Police - Surucucu
Album: Nomads; Label: Mighty Orso Music
Ott - Gamma Goblins (It's Turtles All The Way Down Mix)
Album: Hallucinogen in Dub; Label: Twisted
Euphoria - 1001 Dreams (Arabian Travels Remix by Garry Hughes)
Album: Arabian Travels [various]; Label: Six Degrees
Hugh Cornwell - Gingerbread Girl (Opium Den Dub)
Album: The Prison's Going Down EP; Label: Koch
The Supersonics (dubbed by Errol Brown) - Ballistic Queen
Album: Treasure Isle Dub vols. 1 2; Label: Treasure Isle / Culture Press
The Supersonics (dubbed by Errol Brown) - Reigning Dub
Album: Treasure Isle Dub vols. 1 2; Label: Treasure Isle / Culture Press
Air Date: 
June 6, 2007