7/18/2010 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program


Shoua re-iterated of the trend of Hmong community in supporting KFAI Radio Station. KFAI is the first public radio station to grant broadcast of Hmong language in 1984. Older Hmong community generation greatly appreciated KFAI and offered to support KFAI in small amount as little as $3.00 to as much as $25.00 and in the numbers of more than 10 up to as many as 110 per pledge drive. At the recent years, the support of Hmong community has dropped sharply. Two new programs were added to the KFAI program guide in 2007. This was an effort to have a daily connection to the Hmong community each week. Although, in 2009, decisions were made to move all foreign language into Sunday, effective 6/30/2010. This is the 3rd week of our Sunday broadcast.

Playlist Tracks: 
Yeng Xiong - Txoj kev hlub koj
Album: Suab hlub; Label: Creativision Vol 1
Kos Lis - Tsa tes cog lus hlub
Album: Nco txog hnub qua ntxa tiaj; Label: Kos Lis Vol. 5
Nplaim Dej Ntshiab Xyooj - Ntuj tshav ntuj nag los nco koj
Album: Tsis hlub los cia koj mus; Label: nplaim dej ntshiab Xyooj Vol. 1
Txoov Yaj - Suab seev nrhiav koj
Album: Suab seev nrhiav koj; Label: Txoov Yaj Vol. 1
Air Date: 
July 18, 2010

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