7/16/2010 Jet Set Planet


Jet Set Planet Playlist
July 16, 2010

{R} Request
{N} Artist's debut on program

Playlist Tracks: 
John Barry - Space 1999
Album: Space 1999; Label: RCA
{R} Sammy Davis Jr. - In the Ghetto
Album: Something for Everyone; Label: Motown
The London Jazz Four - Ticket to Ride
Album: New Look at the Beatles; Label: Verve
Walter Raim - For Rosemary
Album: Brave New Concepts; Label: MTA
{N} The Robert Wittmann Orch - Rocking Flamingo
Album: Programme Prod Vol. 18; Label: Berry
Young and Rubicam - Eastern
Album: Buy Baby Buy; Label: Young and Rubicam
Birds and Brass - Dow De Dow Dow Dow
Album: Stan Butcher his Birds and Brass; Label: CBS
Eddie Warner Band - Last Whisky
Album: Musical Illustration #06; Label: IM 06
Jean Bouchety - Ring Ring Ring
Album: Moving Shades of Light; Label: Barclay
Elmer Bernstein - The Mine
Album: Gold; Label: ABC
Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys - Mambo University
Album: Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys; Label: Panorama
The SG Sound - Planet Twist
Album: Planet Twist; Label: SG Sound
Dominic Frontiere - Hammersmith is Out (end titles)
Album: Hammersmith is Out; Label: Capitol
Vic Flick - Junction
Album: Romantic Strings and Dramatic Melody; Label: Bosworth
Young and Rubicam - Gulf
Album: Buy Baby Buy; Label: Young and Rubicam
{R} Ken Nordine - Burgundy
Album: Colors; Label: WB
Glen Somers Band - Yellow Valley
Album: Programme Prod Vol. 4; Label: Berry
Carl Stevens - Yellow Rose of Texas (Twist)
Album: High Society Twist; Label: mercury
{N} Pierre Noles and his Orch - Ding Dong
Album: Everybody Dance the Ay Bo Le; Label: Coral
Myrna March - It's Love
Album: Explosive Vocal Percussion; Label: Strand
Milt Buckner - The Beast
Album: Rockin' hammond; Label: Capitol
Mel Torme with the Meltones - It Happened in Monterey
Album: Back in Town; Label: Verve
Warren Kime - Goin' Someplace
Album: Goin' Someplace; Label: Command
Bob Thompson - Corduroy Road
Album: Music from Wildcat; Label: RCA
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica Mini - Thors Arrival
Album: Live at Johnny D's; Label: tikijazz.com
Syd Dale - The Breeze and I
Album: Big Astor Sound; Label: Astor
Billy Mure - Latin Holiday
Album: Supersonic Guitars Vol 2; Label: MGM
Air Date: 
July 16, 2010

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