7/15/2010 Fresh Fruit


Join Dixie Treichel and John Townsend
for our

10th Annual Queer Fringe Binge!

Each guest gets 5 minutes to plug their show and then it's on to the next. Crazy! Kooky! Queer!

Minnesota Fringe Festival
August 5-15, 2010

Matthew Foster, Fringe Communications Director

Carolyn Elerding, producer, composer, performer
Inside the Kaleidoscope, Opera Buffet

One-of-a-kind opera variety show spectacular! Arresting, experimental, contemporary and IN ENGLISH! A colorful blend of intense drama and engaging humor by Minnesota artists and talent from across the nation.
Drama, Musical Theater, Queer/GLBT, Political

Adam Arnold, performer
Disordered [thy name is teenager], blank slate theatre

ADHD. OCD. Suicidal. Promising to offend and inspire, a trio of teen actors poignantly and hilariously portray several different "disordered" characters in this award-winning original play written by teenagers. Adult Language Drama, Satire Teens, Queer/GLBT

Teresa Mock, director, performer
Batmama, Creatures of Fancy

Do some spelunking with Batmama and Jimmy as they welcome Mumuseleh, Popwitch and the Scientist in a musical sideshow attraction! Batmama delivers a little song, a little dance and little bats in her pants.
Adult Language Comedy, Musical Theater Relationships, Queer/GLBT

Jill Whitney-Birk, director
Open and Affirming Fairy Tales, AWOL Productions

Finally, fairy tales showing diverse families living in the magical Land of Make Believe! A collection of classic stories retold by zany actors showing us to love ourselves, no matter what others may think. Puppetry, Comedy Kids, Queer/GLBT

David Goldstein, playwright
Skiing on Broken Glass, Still Standing Productions, LLC

A lonely writer and a mysterious young male escort, both haunted by their pasts, find themselves in an unlikely relationship. Will love heal their pain or tear them to shreds?
Adult Language Drama Queer/GLBT, Relationships

Gemma Irish, playwright
Yvette, Action Theater Project

The estate is in foreclosure. Two unscrupulous antiques dealers are after Yvette. How far will Morton go to save the chair he loves? Comedy Relationships, Queer/GLBT

Charlie Botzenmayer, producer
Naked Yoga (and Other Gay Love Stories)

No More Mr. Nice Gay Theatre
Meet naked yoga enthusiasts, Loring Park vampires, Christian homophobes, Craigslist killers and IKEA shoppers in five contemporary short plays about boys who love boys. Nudity, Adult Language Comedy, Drama Queer/GLBT, Relationships

One Non Fringe Show

Jason Jackson, performer

"FIERCE LOVE: Stories from Black Gay Life" By the Pomo Afro Homos
Directed by Harry Waters Jr.,
Pillsbury House Theatre
July 30, 31, 2010 , 7:30pm nightly

During the early 90s the POMO AFRO HOMOS toured the country with FIERCE LOVE to enlighten the masses of the complexities and diversity that exist with in the black gay community. With all of the notoriety FIERCE LOVE received in the theatre world because it was one of the first black and gay theatre pieces of its kind, it also received much reproach from the greater black and performing arts community for the very same reason. But for that brief moment in the 90s the POMO AFRO HOMOS were around, our stories were told authentically, unequivocally and unapologetically.

Playlist Tracks: 
Judy Garland, B52s, Angela Motter, Tori Fixx, Josie Cotton, Ochi, David Bowie,Diana Ross, Scott Free, Gaye Adegbalola, Candye Kane, Lou Reed,DD/C, Sandy Rapp, Romanovsky Phillips, RuPaul - Fresh Fruit 3rd Thursday Theme
Album: collage by Dixie Treichel; Label: self-relesed
Robert German - Fishnet Sailor
Album: Sirens of Brooklyn; Label: Pigeonhole Records
Bettina Schelker - The Honeymoon Is Over
Album: The Honeymoon Is Over; Label: Foundagirl Records
Tori Fixx - I'm Right Here
Album: Marry Me; Label: A.C.R.N.OY.M. Records
Dusty Springfield - I Only Want to be with You
Album: Very Best of; Label: Island / Mercury