7/15/2010 The Rockhouse

Playlist Tracks: 
Gloria Walker - Talking About My Baby
Album: 45; Label: Flaming Arrow
Aretha Franklin - I Want to Be With You
Album: Rare Unleased; Label: Atlantic
Jimi Macon - Jimi's Guitar Raps
Album: 45; Label: Doin Our Thing
Shacklefod Singer - God Is All Over Me
Album: 45; Label: R.S.
James Knight - Baby Please Pretty Please
Album: 45; Label: Cat
Little Willie Littlefield - Baby Shame
Album: 45; Label: Rhythm
Kyoretsu na Rhythm - Tighten Up
Album: Characters; Label: Restless
Hearts of Darkness - Terror Flu
Album: self-titled; Label: Shipshape
James Brown - There Was a Time
Album: Foundations of Funk; Label: Polydor
Inell Young - The Next Ball Game
Album: 45; Label: Big-9
Eula Cooper - Try
Album: 45; Label: Tragar
Willie Tee - First Taste of Hurt
Album: 45; Label: Gatur
Smokey Robinson - Shop Around
Album: Anthology; Label: Motown
Stevie Wonder - Fingertips Pt 2
Album: Anthology; Label: Motown
Temptations - Get Ready
Album: Anthology; Label: Motown
Isleys - This Old Heart of Me
Album: 45; Label: Tamla
Roy Handy - Accidental Love
Album: 45; Label: Marton
Impressions - I'm the One Who Loves You
Album: 45; Label: ABC
Otis Williams - Wait
Album: It's a Treat; Label: Ace
Otis Williams - Two Hearts
Album: It's a Treat; Label: Ace
Luther Ingram - Oh Baby Don't You Weep
Album: New Breed RB; Label: Kent
Kings Go Forth - High on Your Love
Album: Outsiders Are Back; Label: Luaka Bop
Deceptions - Of All the Hearts
Album: 45; Label: Brooks
Betty Wright - Babysitter
Album: 45; Label: Alston
Ned Towns - How Can You Babysit a Man
Album: Soul Deep; Label: Atlantic
Air Date: 
July 15, 2010

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