7/14/2010 First Person Radio


George Poitras is former Chief of the Mikisew Cree First Nation, a community located downstream from Canada's tarsands. He speaks with First Person Radio from his reserve about his community and international awareness about environmental justice and global organizing. As Chief, George successfully challenged the Canadian government on lack of consultation on a project that the government approved. This landmark decision that virtually changed the legal landscape in Canada and raised the standard for government consultation with First Nations was handed down in a unanimous 9-0 decision on November 24th, 2004. George has tirelessly advocated on behalf of his community for the past four years on issues related to tarsands development including cancers and is now recognized internationally as a prominent spokesperson not only for his community but on the tarsands generally.

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Northern Cree - Grand Entry
Album: Still Rezzin'; Label: Canyon
Northern Cree - Traditional
Album: Still Rezzin'; Label: Canyon
Northern Cree - Intertribal
Album: Still Rezzin'; Label: Canyon
Air Date: 
July 14, 2010

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