7/13/2010 Radio Pocho


"Gacho!" This episode explores the lost genre of Freestyle, which much like Hip Hop had its roots in New York City in the 1980s with rising stars Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, Cynthia, and Johnny O. We also explore the contributions of Latino hip hop artists A Lighter Shade of Brown, Boca Floja, and Orishas, giving you a nice sample of artists from Califas, Mexico and Cuba. We revisit cumbia and provide an "ode to the accordion" with the Colombian sounds of Aniceto Molina, Celso Piña, and Alfredo Gutierrez.

And of course, because we're Pochos, we had to get Don Cornelius on y'all with a nice Soul and Funk set to round things out. Enjoy.

Playlist Tracks: 
Lisa Lisa amp; the Cult Jam - I Wonder if I Take You Home
Album: Lisa Lisa amp; Cult Jam with Full Force; Label: Columbia
Los Van Van - Que Cosas Tiene La Vida (Remix)
Album: Vive; Label: Sony BMG
Aniceto Molina - Cumbia Sampuesana
Album: 20 Exitos de Aniceto Molina; Label: Sony U.S. Latin
Celso Pina - Cumbia Arenosa
Album: Celso Pi; Label: Peerless MCM
Rigo Tovar - Si Supiera Ella
Album: Como Sera La Mujer; Label: Fonovisa
Llorando Por Mi - Mazz
Album: The Look of Mazz; Label: Cara
The Boys - Dial My Heart
Album: Messages From The Boys; Label: Motown
Nice amp; Smooth - Funky For You
Album: Nice amp; Smooth; Label: Fresh
Lighter Shade of Brown - On a Sunday Afternoon
Album: Brown and Proud; Label: Pump
Boca Floja - Tiempo
Album: A Titulo Personal; Label: Solo
Orishas - 5 3 7 Cuba
Album: A Lo Cubano; Label: Universal Latino
Willie Hutch - Theme From Foxy Brown
Album: Foxy Brown; Label: Motown
Barry White - You See the Trouble With Me
Album: Let the Music Play; Label: 20th Century
Shuggie Otis - Not Available
Album: Inspiration Information; Label: CBS
Syl Johnson - Don't Do It
Album: Diamond in the Rough; Label: Hi
Sapo - Sapo's Montuno
Album: Sapo; Label: Bell
George Guzman - Banana Freak Out
Album: Introducing George Guzman; Label: Fania
El Chicano - Sometimes I Feel Like Motherless Child
Album: Viva Tirado; Label: Kapp
Alfredo Gutierrez - Festival en Guarare
Album: Fiesta Colombiana; Label: Delta
Tata Vega - Get It Up for Love
Album: 12quot;; Label: Motown
T.C. Curtis - Should Have Known Better
Album: 12quot;; Label: Virgin
Pazazz - So Hard to Find
Album: 7quot;; Label: In-Roads
Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart
Album: World Clique; Label: Elektra
Angelique - I Can't Live Without You
Album: I Can't Live Without You; Label: Warlock
Zavala - Una Vela Prendida
Album: Zavala; Label: Freddie
Air Date: 
July 13, 2010