6/3/2007 Century Song


Today we listened music from Cambodian master Bun Loeung, one of our loccal treasures, who recently passed away. The music heard was from recent concerts of his groups, Light from Heaven and the New International Trio. Concert tracks were from performances at the Southern Theatre and the Cedar Cultural Center. We also heard a few tracks from the New Internationl Trio's recording on Atomic Theory.

Other music heard today was from Tri Khan Shushinski of Azerbaijan (Inedit), a Turtle dance song from the San Juan Pueble in New Mexico(Indian House), Nubia's great out master Hamza el Din (Sounds True), pan flute music from the Solomon Islands (Multi Cultural Media), Taarab music from Zanzibar (Buda), music in honor of Linnaeus from Vasen (Northside), new tracks from Paddy O'Brien and Chulrua (Shanachie), music from Pat Conte's Gravest Hits (Susquehanna Hat Records), Guitar music from Peter Walker on A Raga for Peter Walker (Tompkins Square), fiddle music from Martinique from Raw Fiddle(Rounder), and uilleann pipe music from Tommy Martin (Tommy Martin)

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June 3, 2007

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