7/7/2010 Echo Chamber


Another eclectic summer show mixing up old and new. New releases from Uptown Rebel, DJ Delay, Manutension, Aram Scaram/Citizen Sound, ElectroDubCompany, Dub Engine, The Blackstarliners, and the Nikki O'Neill Band. Also, the new compilation "In the Garden of Dub" (on the Positive Vibes netlabel). On top of this we featured a special mix from Dubsalon from Argentina (originally aired on "Echo Beach" at WLUW-FM). If that wasn't enough new stuff, we also aired 2 tracks from the soundtrack of the great new film Babylon Central from Eric Hilton (of Thievery Corp). Finally, we rounded out the show with: Peeni Waali, Karsh Kale, Mantis, King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, Master Margherita, Third World, Prince Far-I & the Arabs, Groove Corp., Herbie Hancock, Prince Jammy, Richie Phoe, Brain Damage, and more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*Uptown Rebel - Enter the Arena
Album: Enter the Arena; Label: French Dub Released
*Kris Naphtali - Jah Appointed Dub
Album: v.a. In The Garden of Dub; Label: Positive Vibes
*La Cherga/DJ Delay - Down Domination Part 2
Album: Brass, Wires and Bass; Label: Beam Prod.
*Pale Rider - Lick Wood
Album: 12; Label: Cassava Outernational
Peeni Waali ft. Lee Perry - Licht Stein
Album: Peeni Waali; Label: Shanachie
*Aram Scaram/Citizen Sound - Tuff Dub
Album: Citizen Sound; Label: citizensound.ca
*Dub Engine - Revelation Dub
Album: Dub Engine; Label: Irie On Air
Karsh Kale - Light Up the Love
Album: Six Degrees of Ambient India; Label: 6º
Master Margherita - Binghi Dub
Album: Hippies with Gadgets; Label: Peak
*ElectroDubCompany - Bolivar (Old School)
Album: at Kitaisky Kiotchik Djao Da SPB; Label: direct from artist
King Tubby - Water Dub
Album: Water Dub; Label: Esoldun
*Manutension - Tribute to King Tubby part 1
Album: Tribute to King Tubby; Label: French Dub Released
*Nikki O'Neill Band - Higher Levels
Album: Higher Levels (single); Label: Snowflower Music
*Jacin - Let the Dub Play
Album: In the Garden of Dub; Label: Positive Vibes
Mantis - Dubious
Album: Dubious; Label: Tiltloose
***Guest mix (for Echo Beach) Dubsalon Crew (Argentina) - .
Album: .; Label: .
Ticklah - Queen Dub
Album: .; Label: .
Brain Damage - Brain EQ
Album: .; Label: .
Senior All Stars - Red Leaf Dub
Album: .; Label: .
Richie Phoe - Eyes on the Dub (ft. Tippa Irie)
Album: .; Label: .
Scientist vs. Culture - Black Hole
Album: .; Label: .
Master Margherita - Fabula Dub
Album: .; Label: .
Echo Ranks - Shinobi Warrior
Album: .; Label: .
Ashtech - Essential Credential
Album: .; Label: .
Kanka - Trip
Album: .; Label: .
Miniman - Dub Land
Album: .; Label: .
Iration Steppas - Warriors
Album: .; Label: .
Zion Train - Baby Father (ft. YT)
Album: .; Label: .
*The Blackstarliners - Faya Dub
Album: Roaring Lion; Label: Original Dub Gathering
Bob Marley The Wailers / DJ Spooky - Rainbow Country (DJ Spooky's Subliminal Funk Mix)
Album: Roots, Rock Remixed; Label: Quango
*Thievery Corporation - Coming from the Top
Album: Babylon Central [soundtrack]; Label: 18th St. Lounge
*Povo - East on West
Album: Babylon Central [soundtrack]; Label: 18th St. Lounge
Augustus Pablo - Rockers Meets King Tubby In A Fire House
Album: Rockers Meets King Tubby In A Fire House; Label: Shanachie
G. Corp. - Babylon Dub
Album: Dub Plates from the Elephant House - V.1; Label: Different Drummer
Rico - Easter Island
Album: Jama Rico; Label: Chrysalis/2Tone
Third World All Stars Greats - Our Dream World
Album: Rebel Rock; Label: Third World
Third World - Love Is Out to Get You
Album: 12; Label: Columbia
Foxy - Lady of the Streets (Yes! It's reggae by the late '70s disco outfit responsible for Get Off)
Album: Hot Number; Label: Dash
Mary McCreary - Singing the Blues (Reggae)
Album: Jezebel; Label: Shelter
Scientist - Satta Dread Dub
Album: Scientific Dub; Label: Clocktower
Aswad - Natural Aggression
Album: A New Chapter of Dub; Label: Island
Linval Thompson - Rock Me In Dub
Album: Negrea Love Dub; Label: Trojan
Vital Dub - Ital Step
Album: Well Charged; Label: Virgin/Front Line/Caroline
Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island (Herbie's only reggae as far as I'm aware!))
Album: Cantaloupe Island; Label: Columbia
Prince Far-I the Arabs - Homeward Bound (Satta Massagana dub re-do!)
Album: Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3; Label: Daddy Kool
Prince Jammy - Downtown Shanghai Rock
Album: Kamikazi Dub; Label: Trojan
Air Date: 
July 7, 2010