6/1/2010 Dig Up The Roots


DJ and musician Danny Sigelman and Punk Poet Paul D. Dickinson (Frances Gumm) joined me on today's show, to talk about the upcoming Riot Act Reading Series at the Turf Club Sunday. There, Sigelman will tell stories and show slides and read his poetry.

Sigelman shared stories of DJ'ing in China for a year, and music from current bands from China and Minneapolis Free Music Society he'ss a musician with.

Paul D. Dickinson read a few poems, shared Frances Gumm music in advance of their Friday night Turf Club show and talked about Riot Act Reading Series.

Here are links related to the music Sigelman brought in and videos he made of bands in China.

videos he made from China:

vita.mn article:

Chinese bands playing SXSW article and videos:

Maybe Mars Record Label:

Minneapolis Free Music Society:

Playlist Tracks: 
Dickel Brothers - New River Train
Album: Vol. 1; Label: Unsigned
The Goondas - Raunchy 216
Album: The Goondas; Label: Unsigned
Steppenwolf - Born to Be Wild
Album: Steppenwolf; Label: N/A
Frances Gumm - Do We Ride Tonight?
Album: Victory Now; Label: Unsigned
Charlie Parr - Riding Mower Blues
Album: Jubilee; Label: Unsigned
The Sorry Muthas - Easy Rider
Album: Greatest Hits Vol. 3; Label: Wampus Cat
Grant Hart - California Zephyr
Album: Hot Wax; Label: MVD Audio
The Brass Kings - Dynaflow
Album: Live Humdinger; Label: Unsigned
Carsick Cars - Zhong Nan Hai
Album: Carsick Cars; Label: Maybe Mars
Joyside - Silly Girl
Album: Maybe Tonight; Label: Maybe Mars
Mpls. Free Music Society - DJ One
Album: Mpls. Free Music SocietyN/A; Label: N/A
Xiao He - Record of Evaluation
Album: Performance of Identity; Label: Maybe Mars
GAR - Lust for Life
Album: The GAR; Label: Maybe Mars
Mpls Free Music Society - untitled
Album: N/a; Label: N/A
PK 14 - Behind All Ruptures
Album: City Weather Sailing; Label: Maybe Mars
Carsick Cars - You Can Listen, You Can Talk
Album: You Can Listen, You Can Talk; Label: Maybe Mars
Frances Gumm - Simple
Album: Girl Trouble/Cop Trouble; Label: Unsigned
Gabe Barnett the Big House Jug Band - Coo Coo Bird
Album: Don't F# with the Money Changers and other folk songs; Label: Unsigned
Air Date: 
June 1, 2010

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