5/14/2010 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Teenage Moods - Hardship Eyes
Album: Teenage Moods; Label: yeye records
Vampire Hands - Poor Bird
Album: Skull Judge; Label: Modern Radio
Voytek - Dudes
Album: unreleased; Label: s.r.
Neil Zumwalde - Nightly News
Album: Subliminy; Label: New Tectonics
Idynne - Space, part II
Album: Disenchantment; Label: s.r.
GST - James Brown
Album: Now and Then; Label: Breakeven Records
the Blind Shake - Wexford Scramble
Album: Carmel; Label: Learning Curve
Zak Sally - How I Did What I Did When I Did It
Album: Fear of Songs; Label: La Mano 21
Paul Metzger - 26'14
Album: Improvisations on Modern Banjo; Label: Chairkickers
Tarlton - Overport
Album: the Papa Theses; Label: Afternoon Records
Birthday Suits - Twin Cities Bridge is Falling Down
Album: Cherry Blue; Label: Nice Neat Records
Marijuana Death Squads - live recording from Nick Eddie Bar
Album: unavailable; Label: s.r.
the Stnnng - #8
Album: the Stnnng; Label: Modern Radio
the Gang Font - You Haven't Lived Until You Have Had to Have to Read Beowulf
Album: the Gang Font feat. Interloper; Label: Thirsty Ear
Sharp Teeth - Pounding Heart
Album: Lines and Stars; Label: s.r.
Communist Daughter - Not the Kid
Album: Soundtrack to the End; Label: the Pretty Kids Collective
the Brass Kings - Tin Man
Album: Live Humdinger; Label: s.r.
Playhouse - Corner the Market feat. Dave Pirner on backup vocals
Album: Gazebo Princess; Label: Twin/Tone
Better Than Dead - Rock Ye Brogue
Album: Swimman; Label: Lost Records, Twin/Tone
Soul Asylum - Artifical Heart
Album: Clam Dip and Other Delights; Label: Twin/Tone
Toadstool - Last Thing Right
Album: the Sun Highway; Label: Twin/Tone
Flavor Crystals - Deepthi
Album: Flavor Crystals 12; Label: Mpls Ltd
Dada Trash Collage - Glowing Wires
Album: Neighbors; Label: s.r.
Air Date: 
May 14, 2010

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