5/13/2010 Hmong American Reachout


Edutalk- In this program Mr. Juavah Lee, guest/co-host, Kong Pheng Phab and Nkauj Hli Vwj, both are student from the University of Minnesota and Suavlwm, host having a conversation about their personal experience of being university students, activities they are involving and advice that they have for high school graduates to consider go onto college. They both praise that they have the confidence and support from their parents to attend college. They talk about their personal opportunity to attend college with minimal debt in loan and financial resources that are available to them. Kong Pheng is a former president of the Student Association and Nkauj Hli is the newly elected president of the Association. They describe their activities in the past and future plans of their invlovement of the association.

Playlist Tracks: 
Yang, Menou - Banjo
Album: HARRP production theme; Label: self released
Dawb Thoj - Daim duab qub
Album: Dawb Thoj Vol.4; Label: Herr's Productions
Txooj Muas Thoj - nkauj laug ncaas
Album: HARRP production theme; Label: self released
Air Date: 
May 13, 2010

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