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Flatline Days by Catherine Spangler
Hilary Hebert can’t control what kind of parent she will be on any given day. Sometimes, she lets her kids draw all over the walls and she draws along with them. Other times, she lectures them for doing the same thing. Hilary is learning how to manage her mood disorder while raising kids at the same time.

Speaking to My Heart from Blunt Youth Radio
Nikki, who's serving an 18th month sentence at the Long Creek Youth Development Center talks about what it's like to be separated from her young children.

Fifty-four Years by Erin Calabria
In January 2009, Maine law changes, granting all adult adoptees access to their original birth records. Lois privately surrendered a child for adoption in 1954 and is afraid that her secret will be discovered. Meanwhile, her son, Andre, begins to search for her.

Mother Daughter Dresses from Story Salon Live
Shirley Scott recalls longing for individuality in the face of a mother fixated on the concept of "Mother-Daughter" matching outfits.

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May 10, 2010

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