5/25/2007 Radio Rumpus Room


This marked our 6th annual edition of Bird Dance Beat -- a salute to the artists that rocked Minnesota's bars, ballrooms and teen centers in the 1960s!

Playlist Tracks: 
SAVVY SHOW STARTER: The Kan Dells - Bottomless Well
Album: CD-R; Label:
The Trashmen - Lovin' Up A Storm
Album: Live Bird '65-67; Label: Sundazed
Steve Rowe The Furys - Minor Chaos
Album: CD-R; Label:
The Orbits w/Tommy Lee - Queen Bee
Album: CD-R; Label:
Evans Carroll - Come Back Baby
Album: CD-R; Label:
The Fendermen - Bertha Lou
Album: Muleskinner Blues: The Best Of...; Label: Plum
Terry Lee The Poorboys - My Little Sue
Album: v/a Minnesota Rocks, Vol. 1; Label: Collector
Jeujene The Jaybops - Thunderin' Guitar
Album: CD-R; Label:
The Bandits - Come On Pretty Girl
Album: CD-R; Label:
Michael The Mumbles - Need Your Lovin' Oh No
Album: v/a Candy Floss: The Lost Music Of Mid-America; Label: Weekend
Lanny Minns - That's What I Want
Album: v/a Minnesota Rockers, Vol. 1; Label: Collector
Cyril Winter (w/ The Caddies) - Too Much Of One Thing
Album: CD-R; Label:
The Vanguards - He's Old Enough To Know Better
Album: CD-R; Label:
Gregory Dee The Avanties - The Grind
Album: v/a Big Hits Of Mid-America: The Soma Records Story; Label: Plum
The Underbeats - Tonight's The Night
Album: CD-R; Label:
The Canoise - You've Got Your Troubles
Album: CD-R; Label:
The Litter - (Under The Screaming) Double Eagle
Album: $100 Fine reish; Label: Arf Arf
T.C. Atlantic - Judgement Train
Album: The Best Of...; Label: Bacchus Archives
Michael's Mystics - Pain
Album: CD-R; Label:
Blue Sandelwood Soap - What Is Life
Album: Loring Park Love-Ins; Label: Get Hip
The Epicureans - Pain Is Evil
Album: v/a IGL Roof Garden Dance Jamboree; Label: Arf Arf
The C.A. Quintet - Dr. Of Philosphy
Album: Trip Thru Hell reish; Label: Sundazed
Second Thought - Museum
Album: Changes: The Psychedelic Beat Album; Label: Past Present
The Shambles - Bring Back The Carnival
Album: v/a Candy Floss: The Lost Music Of Mid-America; Label: Weekend
Air Date: 
May 25, 2007