4/7/2010 House Party

Playlist Tracks: 
3:00 Davina and the Vagabonds - Muddy Water
Album: Live at the Times; Label: Roustabout
Jeff Ray and the Stakes (TC) - Dead /Dead Rising
Album: House Party Vol 7; Label: hman
Darkwood Flower - At Ease
Album: House Party Vol 7; Label: Hman
*Johnny Moeller - I'm Movin' On Up
Album: BlogaLoo; Label: Severn
Ronnie Dawson - Up Jumped the Devil
Album: Monkey Beat; Label: Crysrtal Clear
Bill Kirchen - Too Much Fun
Album: Hot Rod Lincoln live; Label: Hightone Records
*Nick Curran and the Lowlifes - Reel Rock Party
Album: Reform School Girl; Label: Eclecto Groove
4:00 Lazy Bill Lucas - Wake Me up in the Morning
Album: Have Mercy; Label: Cold Wind
Hound Dog Taylor - Philipd Screwdriver
Album: Raw, Rough and Reckless; Label: Alligator
Kim Wilson - Ain't Gonna Do It
Album: Smokin' Joint; Label: MC
Eddie Taylor - You'll Always have a Home
Album: Blues Comp; Label: Muggsy
Sean Costello - You Can't Win with a Losing Hand
Album: Moanin' For Molasses; Label: Landslide
Al's Rockabilly Quartet - Punk Rock Honky Tonk Girl
Album: House Party Vol 7; Label: hman
Rev Raven and the Chain Smoking Altar Boys - A Hard and Thankless Job
Album: Slow Burn; Label: Nevermore records
What's Happening Calendar/William Clarke - Chasin' the Gator
Album: Serious Intentions; Label: Alligator
William Clarke - With a Tear in My Eye
Album: Serious Intentions; Label: Alligator
5:00 Canned Heat - Reefer Blues
Album: The Boogie House Tapes; Label: Ruf
Freddy King - In The Open
Album: Just Pickin'; Label: Modern Blues Recordings
James Cotton Blues Band - The Creeper
Album: Dealing with The Devil; Label: QuickSilver Records
Rich Lewis Band - Live in studio
Album: performance; Label: KFAI
What's Happening calendar - Rich Lewis
Album: live improvisations; Label: KFAI
Air Date: 
April 7, 2010