4/3/2010 Strictly Butter

Playlist Tracks: 
Jonas Reinhardt - Power of Audition
Album: Powers of Audition; Label: Kranky
Instra:mental - Forbidden
Album: Forbidden/Leave It All Behind EP; Label: Apple Pips
Instra:mental - Vicodin
Album: Let's Talk / Vicodin EP; Label: Nakedlunch
Skream - Minimalistix
Album: No Future (Skreamix) / Minimalistix EP; Label: Nonplus+
Vaccine - Cascade Failure
Album: unknown; Label: Nonplus+
Skream - Untitled
Album: Unknown; Label: unknown
Consequence - Snakes and Skulls
Album: unknown; Label: Nonplus+
Instra:mental - Voyeaur
Album: unknown; Label: Disfigured Dubz
Skream - Siminimal
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
ASC - The Depths
Album: unknown; Label: Autonomic
They Live - What We Promise
Album: unknown; Label: Exit
ASC - Reality Check
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
dBridge - Lost Shadow
Album: Unknown; Label: Exit
dBridge - Rendevous
Album: unknown; Label: Exit
Oak - Chizra
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Directions - Busted Trees 9Carl Craig remix)
Album: Busted Trees EP; Label: Diaspora Recordings
Junior Boys - Like A Child (Carl Craig remix)
Album: Like A Child EP; Label: Domino
Rythm Sound - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig remix)
Album: Poor People Must Work EP; Label: Burial Mix
Chez Damier - Help Myself (reconstructed by Carl Craig)
Album: I Never Knew Love EP; Label: KMS
Paperclip People - Throw
Album: Throw/The Climax; Label: Planet E
Beanfield - Tides (Carl Craig remix)
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Paperclip People - Clear and Present
Album: Clear And Present / Tweakityourself EP; Label: Planet E
Theo Parrish - Falling Up (Carl Craig remix)
Album: Falling Up EP; Label: Third Ear Recordings
Paperclip People - Oscillator
Album: Oscillator EP; Label: Buzz
Psyche - From Beyond
Album: Elements 1989-1990; Label: Planet E
Francesco Tristano - The Melody (Carl Craig remix)
Album: The Melody EP; Label: Infiné
Air Date: 
April 3, 2010

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