3/26/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

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SAVVY SHOW STARTER: The Electras - Dirty Old Man
Album: VA The Scotty Story; Label: Arf Arf
The Hondells - Come On (Pack It On)
Album: 7 45; Label: Capitol
The Surfiin' Lungs - Surf Bus
Album: Full Petal Jacket; Label: WPR
Jan Dean - Waimea Bay
Album: Ride The Wild Surf; Label: Liberty
The Searchers - Tausend Nadelstiche (Needles And Pins)
Album: The Searchers, Vol. 2; Label: Castle
The Five Emprees - Little Miss Sad
Album: Little Miss Sad; Label: Arf Arf
Joey Paige - The Great Airport Mystery
Album: VA Voyages Into Pop Psych, Vol. 2; Label: Voyages
The 101ers - Motor Boys Motor
Album: Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited; Label: Astralwerks
The Cramps - Haulass Hyena
Album: Big Beat From Badsville; Label: Epitaph
The Didjits - Top Fuel
Album: Full Nelson Reilly LP; Label: Touch and Go
RIPPED (or sawed, as the case may be) FROM TODAY'S HEADLINES SET - .
Album: .; Label: .
Roy Junior - Victim Of Circumstances
Album: VA Garage Beat '66, Vol. 6: Speak Of The Devil; Label: Sundazed
The Vaqueros - Growing Pains
Album: VA Get A Move On!; Label: Teenage Shutdown
The Beefeaters - Don't Hurt Me
Album: Garage Beat, Vol. 5: Readin' Your Will; Label: Sundazed
The Fab Four - I'm Always Doing Something Wrong
Album: VA Teen Jangler Blowout; Label: Teenage Shutdown
. - .
Album: .; Label: .
Jokers Wild - All I See Is You
Album: VA Garagelands; Label: Strange Things
The Young Fresh Fellows - I Just Sit There
Album: VA Bonograph: Sonny Gets His Share; Label: Bogus
ZSK - Eve Of Destruction
Album: VA Punk Chartbusters, Vol. 4; Label: Wolverine
The Skeletons - Very Last Day
Album: In The Flesh!; Label: ESD
The Phantom Surfers - The Cat Came Back
Album: The Great Surf Crash Of '87; Label: Lookout
Graham Parker - Weather Report
Album: Imaginary Television; Label: Bloodshot
The Atlantics - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Album: VA For A Few Guitars More: A Tribute To Morricone's Spaghetti Western Themes; Label: Dancing Bear
Air Date: 
March 26, 2010

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