3/26/2010 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
The Gleam - Away Like a Song
Album: Sunrise; Label: Lo-fi Mein
The Big Strong Men - unknown
Album: the Big Strong Men; Label: s.r.
Isles, Bill - If You Ever Need a Place
Album: Early Risers; Label: Galinome Forest Records
Buffalo Moon - unknown
Album: unknown (early release copy); Label: Moon Glyph
Ghost in the Water - Cardinal Red
Album: Cardinal Red EP; Label: Hidden Shoal
Aby Wolf - Float or Forward
Album: Sweet Prudence; Label: s.r.
Falcon Arrow - Tramps and Hobos
Album: Cryptoscience Hard Times; Label: s.r.
Birthday Suits - Winter Coat
Album: 7 single; Label: Learning Curve
Reckless Ones - Red Room
Album: Make Your Move; Label: s.r.
Pert Near Sandstone - Liza Jane
Album: Out on a Spree; Label: s.r.
Zoo Animal - Quiver and Shake
Album: Young Blood; Label: s.r.
Gospel Gossip - Sippy Cup
Album: Drift EP; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Rau, Jerry - Southside of LA
Album: Road to the Sun; Label: s.r.
Romantica - Mexico
Album: It's Your Weakness That I Want; Label: 2024
Darcy, Nicole - Roaming
Album: Innate Sense; Label: Crystal Records
Cast of Thousands with Escape Mechanism - Today
Album: Cast of Thousands with Escape Mechanism; Label: Recombinations
Otto's Chemical Lounge - Shakin' All Over
Album: Spillover; Label: Dutch East India
Detroit - Let the Jello Set
Album: Detroit; Label: DYI
Mike Gunther - No Leg to Stand On
Album: MN Migration-Turf Club; Label: s.r.
Crow - I Stand to Blame
Album: Crow By Crow; Label: Amaret
Larry Wish - the City of Ages
Album: Larry Wish; Label: s.r.
Minor Kingdom - 1930's Road Song
Album: My Back Will Bend; Label: Grainbelt Records
Air Date: 
March 26, 2010

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