5/21/2007 Health Notes


*The Big fat health and fitness lie
by Craig Pepin-Donat*
21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox
by Roni Deluz, James Hester

Toxic, Unhealthy, and Heavy

America's Rude Awakening

For years we've all been tricked into spending our hard-earned money on products that guarantee impossible results. For most of us, the struggle to lose weight, stay fit or just maintain the semblance of a healthy lifestyle is a constant battle. Unfortunately, there are people and industries that prey on our vulnerabilities. We are relentlessly enticed by advertising, seduced by marketing gimmicks, prescribed unnecessary drugs, served unhealthy food, sold useless products, misled by government agencies, and, well, left to fend for ourselves as our health deterior

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May 21, 2007