3/17/2010 Echo Chamber


The great dub and roots just keeps coming... Tonight we debuted new releases from General Smiley (of Michigan & Smiley) and McPullish, Madtone, Gaudi, Mista Majah P, Joseph Cotton & Lion Stepper, Uffe, Splitz Horns vs. Dr. Vax, Fatima, Gorillaz, and Echo Ranks & Vibronics. On top of that we had recent releases or rereleases from Dubamix, Wayne Smith (on Pressure Sounds), Mind's Eye Dub, Master Margherita, Mauxuam & Greg Hunter, and Cotti (ft. 2Nice). To highlight the new Madtone we did a set featuring Madtone and One Deck & Popular. Finally, we rounded out the show with Jackie Mittoo, The Trojans, Jah Wobble, Jon Hassel, Bombay Dub Orchestra, and more.

Playlist Tracks: 
*General Smiley McPullish - Natty Natty
Album: unreleased track; Label: Charlies
*Splitz Horns vs. Dr. Vax - Hand Made Dub
Album: single; Label: Scoops
*Uffe - Bias Dub
Album: N/A; Label: self-release
The Trojans - Birth of a Hooligan
Album: Trojan Warriors - For Your Protection; Label: Moon Ska
*Madtone - i-Society
Album: online single; Label: Blossoms Kitchen
*Dubamix - Acting Dub
Album: Mix a Dub; Label: Jamendo.com
*Joseph Cotton meets Lion Stepper - Bad Card
Album: Roots Reggae Revival; Label: Step by Step
*Gaudi - Barracudub
Album: No Prisoners; Label: 6°
*Mind's Eye Dub - A Different World
Album: A Different World; Label: Dubkey
Eating Betty - Eating, Drinking, Dub
Album: Reverbalism; Label: ACEtone
*Echo Ranks Vibronics - Right Phase Dub
Album: cd single; Label: Scoops
*Wayne Smith - Time is a Moment in Space
Album: cd single; Label: Pressure Sounds
*Wayne Smith - Dub is a Moment in Space
Album: cd single; Label: Pressure Sounds
Jackie Mittoo - Ram Jam
Album: Champion in the Arena; Label: Blood and Fire
Uffe - Scientician
Album: online single; Label: self-release
Master Margherita, Mauxuam Greg Hunter - Cloudcycle/Arcus
Album: online single; Label: Bakshish Music
AvRaHim - Ya Ba Lah
Album: Give Ear!; Label: self-release
*Mista Majah P - Mix Up and Blenda
Album: N/A; Label: Kokmusic (self release)
*Fatima - Higher
Album: Mindtravelin' EP; Label: Eglo
*Fatima - On The Go
Album: Mindtravelin' EP; Label: Eglo
*Cotti (ft. 2Nice) - Warrior Charge
Album: 12; Label: Studio Rockers
*Madtone - The Tiranese
Album: online single; Label: Blossoms Kitchen
Madtone - Calling Live on Channel
Album: Garden of Earthly Delights; Label: Blossoms Kitchen
One Deck Popular - Enrico
Album: The Story So Far...; Label: Black Country Route
Madtone - Dark Dread (Nitramm Remix)
Album: online single; Label: Blossoms Kitchen
*Gaudi - Serious Ting (ft. Bunny Wailer)
Album: No Prisoners; Label: 6°
Dub Gabriel U-Roy - Luv n' Liv (? remix)
Album: Luv n' Liv Remixes; Label: s-r
*Gorillaz - White Flag
Album: Plastic Beach; Label: Virgin
Bombay Dub Orch. - Journey (Rise Ashen Nataraj Dub)
Album: 3 Cities In Dub; Label: 6°
Konono No. 1 - Masikulu
Album: Congotronics; Label: Crammed Discs
The Trojans - The Great British Spliff
Album: Trojan Warriors; Label: Moon Ska
Stingers ATX + Sledge - What a Wonderful World
Album: mixed from this good thing and Represent cd magazine; Label: Jump Up
Temple of Sound / Adrian Sherwood - Paradise of Nada Remix
Album: Never Trust A Hippy; Label: Realworld/Virgin
Jon Hassell - Darbari Bridge
Album: Maarifa Street - Magic Realism 2; Label: nyen
Jah Wobble Deep Space - Rimshot
Album: Largely Live in Hartlepool Manchester; Label: 30 Hertz
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - (most of) Cassini at Titan
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks-IMT
Air Date: 
March 17, 2010