3/11/2010 Hmong American Reachout


Theme: Why higher education is important?
Mr. Juavah Lee, director for academic excellence from the University of Minnesota announced deadline for financial aid. Dean’s reception is an event for parents/professors to meet prior to student attend college. The purpose of this meeting is to ask questions and answers. Therefore, ask any kind of questions.
Juavah describes the advantage and disadvantage of persons who has no higher education and who has higher education degrees as follows:
No higher education will earn income average of $22,000/year; At least Bachellor’s degree will earn average of $50,000/ year. No higher education will work hard and just become a worker; a person who has degree will have Lighter work; potential promoted to be Manager/foreman and have a better life style status. However, during schooling you will have no friends and no fun.
Juavah advises the parents that if you can’t convince your sons or daughters please consult with another relative or a counselor. He also advises the students that you don’t have to pick a major in order to attend general education.

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Yang, Menou - Banjo
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Luj Yaj - Tsis muaj tus zoo cuag koj
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Yang, Menou - Banjo
Album: HARRP production theme; Label: self release
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March 11, 2010

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