3/10/2010 Echo Chamber


In celebration of International Women's Day (March 8th) and National Women's History Month, the Echo Chamber presented its annual *Beautiful Sounds of Women...Around the World* special. And what a varied list of women singers players we had on this year's show: Dawn Penn, Doreen Schaffer, Eva Be, Judy Mowatt, Tanesha [Marsh], Jazz'min Tutum, Sheila Hylton, Regina Dannhof (The Starseeds), Natasja [Saad], Lydia and Shema Sutherland (LS symfHoney), Cherine Anderson, Kirsty Rock (Trumystic), The Angel (60 Channels), Deborah Harry, Megumi Mashiro, Marcia Griffiths, Denise Darlington, Barbara Padron-Hernandez (Dub in a Nutshell), Angelique Wilke (Seven Dub), Natacha Atlas, Ammoye (Citizen Sound), Orly Frider (Blondub Sexy Sound), Sussan Deyhim, Pauline Black (The Selecter), Sussan Deyhim, Nosizwe (Blue Elephant Studio), Madonna, Jahga (Ragana), Nina Miranda (Smoke City), Suphala, JEN, Rita Marley, Shiina Ringo, Marcia Aitken, and Tricia Grant (Miss Jamaica 1996). Wow! What a group of *Women*...
As in past years, this special show is dedicated to the late Clara Zetkin -- German socialist and the the real mother of International Women's Day.

Playlist Tracks: 
Marcia Griffiths - I Shall Sing
Album: Truly; Label: Heartbeat
Doreen Schaffer - Try A Little Smile (extended Mix)
Album: Feel Like Jumping - the best of Studio One Women [various artists]; Label: Heartbeat-Studio 1
Judy Mowatt - Lioness In The Jungle
Album: Look At Love; Label: Shanachie
Tricia Grant the Supersonics - Be My Guest Tonite
Album: King Bravo Selects Ska Authentic vol. 2; Label: Moon Ska
Rita Marley - I Know A Place
Album: We Must Carry On; Label: Shanachie
Denise Darlington - Feel So Good
Album: Feel Like Jumping - the best of Studio One Women [various artists]; Label: Heartbeat-Studio 1
Dawn Penn - I Want A Love I Can See
Album: No, No, No; Label: Big Beat
Trumystic (feat. Kirsty Rock) - SA Dub
Album: Dub Power; Label: TMG
Suphala - Music Like A Memory
Album: Blueprint; Label: Suphala Productions
Madonna/The Congos (mash-up) - The Power of Goodbye/Row Fisherman Row
Album: N/A; Label: N/A
Tanesha - Misty Blue
Album: N/A; Label: Self-released (Ludy House Production)
Blue Elephant Studio (feat. Nosizwe) - Kind Of Blue Elephant
Album: Dubnight Vol. 1 [various artists]; Label: Bigvibez/Reggaetown
Okada Sound/Jazz'min - Wrapped Around Your Dub
Album: Dubxanne - Police in Dub; Label: Echo Beach
LS symfHoney - Mr. and Miss Injustice
Album: Out of Many - One Sound; Label: Malyshe
60 Channels (feat. The Angel) - Counter Evolution (inst.)
Album: Covert Movement (inst.); Label: Supa Crucial
George Solar Levthand (feat. JEN) - Comfy Dub
Album: Comfy Dub; Label: Tricorn/Mconnexion/Finetunes
Citizen Sound (feat. Ammoye) - Trouble
Album: to-be-released album; Label: direct from artist
Seven Dub (feat. Angelique Wilke) - Running Away
Album: Comfy Dub [various artists]; Label: Tricorn/Mconnexion/Finetunes
Hotdrop - Tell Me
Album: Ready; Label: Lafamille
Transglobal Underground (feat. Natacha Atlas) - A Tongue of Flames
Album: Psychic Karaoke; Label: Nation
Smoke City (feat. Nina Miranda) - Underwater Love
Album: (single) Underwater Love; Label: Jive/DNA
Cherine Anderson - Kingston State of Mind
Album: Kingston State of Mind [single]; Label: Zlink Entertainment
Ragana (feat. Jahga) - My Love Is All the Way Strong
Album: Many Reverbs to Cross; Label: Universal Egg
Dub in a Nutshell (feat. Barbara Padron-Hernandez) - Es El Amor
Album: promo only; Label: direct from artist
Natasja - One Spliff A Day
Album: Shooting Star; Label: Makafresh
Eva Be - Zerrdub
Album: Moving Without Traveling; Label: Sonar Kollectiv
Blondub Sexy Sound (Orly Frider) / On Dub Ground - They Don't Know
Album: Step 4 I vol. 5 [various artists]; Label: Original Dub Gathering
Sussan Deyhim Richard Horowitz - Majoun
Album: Majoun; Label: Sony
Soil Pimp Sessions feat. Shiina Ringo - My Foolish Heart (Crazy in Shibuya)
Album: online single; Label: iTunes Japan/Victor
Marcia Aitken Trinity - I'm Still In Love Three-Piece Suit
Album: 12 Box Set; Label: Trojan
9 Miles - If You Notice
Album: If You Notice [single]; Label: Jamming
Jazz Passengers feat. Debbie Harry - The Tide Is High
Album: Individually Twisted; Label: 32 Records
Engine 54 - The Tide Is High
Album: Tribute; Label: Grover
The Selecter feat. Pauline Black - The Tide Is High
Album: The Selecter perform the Trojan Songbook; Label: Trojan
Easy Star All Stars feat. Kirsty Rock - She's Leaving Home
Album: Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band; Label: Easy Star
Sheila Hylton - Bed's Too Big Without You
Album: Bed's Too Big Without You [12 single]; Label: Mango / Island
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (feat. Megumi Mashiro) - Simoon
Album: Tokyo Strut; Label: Epic / Sony
The Starseeds (feat. Regina Dannhof) - Parallel Life
Album: she - a female trip-hop experience [various artists]; Label: Sonic Images
Air Date: 
March 10, 2010