3/5/2010 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Buffalo Moon - Unknown
Album: Unreleased; Label: s/r
Bouncer Fighter - Pillow in a Coffin
Album: Satirical Satires; Label: Anti- Civ
Brass Kings - Western Lands
Album: Live Humdinger; Label: Dream Horse Music
The Yoleus - Ram
Album: Nightmarecirclevision; Label: s/r
Sleeping in the Aviary - Pop Song
Album: Oh This Old Thing?; Label: S.O.S.
Charlie Parr - Dead Cat on the Line
Album: Live at Acadia; Label: s/r
First Communion Afterparty - Muse
Album: Sorry For All The Mondays And To Those Who Can't Sing; Label: s/r
Dante the Lobster - Marine Life
Album: Wonders; Label: Moon Glyph/ S.A.C.
Daughters of the Sun - Meditations
Album: Rings; Label: Modern Radio
John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn - New American Raga for an Old Frenchman Who Threw Himself Out the WIndow Rather Than Let Lung Cancer Take Him
Album: LAst of the Good Milk; Label: s/r
Adam Patterson - Bob Mould
Album: Variable Quality; Label: s/r
Fine, Metzger, Seru - 2
Album: Medusa's Lair; Label: Locust Music
The Litter - Action Woman
Album: Distortions; Label: ARF!ARF!
Blue Hippos - Futuristic Eye
Album: Open Mind; Label: s/r
The Wallets - Totally Nude
Album: Take It; Label: Twin Tone
The Time - 777.9311
Album: What TIme Is It?; Label: Warner Brothers
Quad Muth - Venting Host
Album: Venting Host; Label: Xylem Records
Vampire Hand - No Fun
Album: Me and You Cherry Red; Label: Peppermint Coffin
Buffalo Moon - Unknown
Album: Unreleased; Label: s/r
Shangoya - Reign of Anxiety
Album: Shangoya; Label: Sapodlia Records
Alpha Consumer - Gary Victorson's
Album: ary Victorson's; Label: s/r
Air Date: 
March 5, 2010

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