2/25/2010 Hmong American Reachout


This show is about repatriated Hmong issue. Mr. Kou Xiong, chairman of the Lao Human Rights Organization is our guest. For more information you may contact him at 651-253-3709

Mr. Kou Xiong states that repatriation of Hmong refugees back to Laos which is the country they have fled from persecution is a violation of United Nation human rights’ rules. The Thai government has ignored the rules because it has more interest in the marketing enterprise relationship with Laos which the Thai businesses are investing billions of dollars in Laos. The Lao government has also ignored the call for international monitoring and United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees to follow up with the returnees. The Lao government wants to delay the visit for later time and blames on bad road condition. In fact, the delay may be buying time for the Lao government to do whatever they want with the returnees. The total number of returnees may not be accurate as stated at this time. According to the news receives from the returnees, they are well treated and all are healthy. Some of them got into situation that they are not willing to sign a declaration with the government that they will not flee the country again. This group is being watch closely due to a potential stir up of any rumors of their well being. This coming April, 2010 the United Nation representatives are going to visit those who have been accepted for resettlement in third country already. Mr. Kou Xiong does not know that the repatriation of Hmong refugees is being agreed by former general Vang Pao according to his speech made last December, 2009 in California. Fmr. Gen. Vang Pao stated that it is OK for the Hmong to return to Laos, because he is going to return to Laos soon and the ASEAN organization is led by Thailand. The Thai government will make sure that the Hmong are well treated by the Lao government. The mission of the Lao human rights committee is to ensure that the returnees are treated as everyone else and not to label as political enemies, and then punish them. The LHR will press on the issue of everyone will be treated equally. If the Lao government can do just that, then they are being honest to their intend.

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February 25, 2010

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