2/19/2010 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Good Day, Montag - Trevilian Station
Album: Room For Two and Your Ghost; Label: s.r.
Kill the Vultures - Where the Cutthroats Stay
Album: Midnight Pine; Label: s.r.
the Trash Hogs - Come a Little Closer
Album: Recycle; Label: s.r.
Mother of Fire - King of Rats
Album: Lambs; Label: s.r.
Heat Box - I Need a Jack and Coke
Album: System; Label: s.r
Willie Murphy - I'll Be Here
Album: A Shot of Love in the Time of Need; Label: Red House
Chickadee Mountain Martyrs - Work Drink
Album: Comeuppance; Label: Anti Siv
e.g. Bailey - America
Album: America spoken word single; Label: Tru Roots
Retribution Gospel Choir - Workin' Hard
Album: 2; Label: Sub Pop
Dark Dark Dark - Junk Bones
Album: The Snow Magic; Label: Blood Onion
Dynamiters - Cry Cry Cry
Album: the Dynamiters EP; Label: s.r.
Dave King - Arts High Boogie
Album: Indelicate; Label: Sunnyside
Bastards - Lithium
Album: Monticello; Label: Treehouse
Cal - Negatively 7th Street
Album: Pop Music for the Unpopular; Label: s.r.
Technique Niquee - C'est Tout
Album: Substitutes For Learning; Label: s.r.
Hockey Night - For Guys Eyes Only
Album: Keep Guessin'; Label: Lookout
The Wapsipinicon - Vans on Dupont
Album: San Geronimo; Label: s.r.
Grotto - Get a Hustle
Album: Get a Hustle; Label: Modern Radio
Mouthful of Bees - Appling
Album: Mouthful of Bees; Label: Afternoon
Savage Aural Hotbed - Drowning in the City of Lakes
Album: Pressure of Silence; Label: Ultra Modern
Lini - Valsis
Album: Southside Soul Volume 2; Label: s.r.
Air Date: 
February 19, 2010

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