2/12/2010 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Nice Pupils - Someone Taller
Album: Nice Pupils; Label: s.r.
the Sextons - Full of Holes
Album: the Sextons; Label: Princess Records
Hyland - til death
Album: Quotients; Label: s.r.
Tom Hendrick - Snowflake
Album: Red Giant; Label: Story of Now! records
Murzik - In Nothing
Album: Into the Darkness; Label: Pipeclub records
Halloween, Alaska - Bad News Sticks to You
Album: Too Tall to Hide; Label: East Side Digital
Kill to Kill - Radical Flyer
Album: Fighter; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Knife World - Sunbeam
Album: Minnesota Migration; Label: Modern Radio
Falcon Arrow - Anglize
Album: Crytoscience Hard Times; Label: s.r.
Lonesome Dan Kase - Wreck of Old '97
Album: Leave Here Walkin'; Label: Mercy Recordings
Birds of Virginia - Girl From Myanmar
Album: Trees At Dusk; Label: Mpls Ltd
City on the Make - Mass Proj. Engineering
Album: Keep This On Fire; Label: s.r.
the Vignettes - A Wrecking Ball
Album: the Vignettes EP; Label: s.r.
the Suburbs - Rattle My Bones
Album: Love is the Law; Label: Polygram records
the Suicide Comandos - Attacking the Beat
Album: the Suicide Commados Make a Recored; Label: Blank records
Gay Witch Abortion - untitled
Album: Gay Witch Abortion Sessions; Label: Am Rep
the Dynamiters - Do the Do As Your Told
Album: single; Label: s.r.
Tapes n' Tapes - Insister
Album: the Loon; Label: ibid records
the Cows - Sieve
Album: Rev 105 Radio Archive; Label: s.r.
Banther - Want You
Album: Elvis Lives; Label: Raw City Records
Heiruspecs - Wardrums
Album: 10 Years Strong; Label: Razor and Tie
To Kill a Petty Bourgeoise - untitled
Album: untitled; Label: s.r.
Air Date: 
February 12, 2010

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