2/8/2010 Jet Set Planet


Jet Set Planet Playlist – February 8 2010
“Don’t Fear the Accordion” Show
{R} Listener Request
{N} Artist new to Jet Set Planet

Playlist Tracks: 
Sammy Davis - Wichita Lineman
Album: Something for Everyone; Label: Motown
{N} Robert Gretch - Indianapolis Runaround
Album: Guitar in Action; Label: Montparnasse
Sid Bass - The House is Haunted
Album: With Bells On; Label: RCA
{R} Ralph Burns - Old Devil Moon
Album: Where There's Burns, There's Fire; Label: Warwick
{N} Trumpets Ole - My Heart Loves the Samba
Album: Con Mucho Gusto; Label: Decca
Francis Bay - O Canagaceiro
Album: Viva; Label: Epic
Latin Pete Terrace - Coco Seco
Album: Sabrosa y Caliente; Label: Colpix
Charles Magmante - Jungle Drums
Album: Fiesta; Label: Command
Dominic Frontiere - Uno Mas
Album: Fabulous; Label: Liberty
{N} Jacky Noguez - Donna
Album: Chow, chow, Bambina; Label: Jamie
Martin Denny - Ruby
Album: Exotic Sounds from the Silver Screen; Label: Liberty
Martin Denny - M'Bira
Album: Primitiva; Label: Liberty
Martin Denny - Hernando's Hideaway
Album: Exotic Sounds Visit Broadway; Label: Liberty
{N} The Peter Loland Orch - Tell Me When
Album: String Sound No. 1; Label: Hurrah
{N} Guy Boyer - Sporting Flash
Album: Ballade Pour Un Vibra; Label: Neuilly
Frank Barber - Creole Carnival
Album: Melodic Percussion; Label: Capitol
{N} Janko Nilovic - Xenos Cosmos
Album: Rythmes Contemporains; Label: Montparnasse
Jean Jacques Perry - Sentimental Trip
Album: Moog Mig Mag Moog; Label: Montparnasse
Jean Jacques Robert Jean MichelGuise - Jean Jacques Robert
Album: Delirius; Label: Music
Sven Libaek - Highway No. 1
Album: My Thing; Label: Peer
Janko Nilovic - Golf Open
Album: Stylissimo; Label: Montparnasse
Eric Framond - Psychedelic Night
Album: Univers 2000; Label: Montparnasse
{N} C. Vasori - Escape Chromatique
Album: Lunar Probe; Label: Montparnasse
Ken Nordine - Bury-it-yourself Time Capsule
Album: How Are Things In Your Town?; Label: WB
{N} David Lee - Three's A Crowd
Album: All That Jazz; Label: KPM
Mort Garson - Finale
Album: The Wozard of Iz; Label: AM
{N} Ike Mathews - African Feeling
Album: Pop Guitar Sketches; Label: Montparnasse
Kookie Byrnes - Like I love You
Album: Kookie Byrnes; Label: WB
Air Date: 
February 8, 2010

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