1/30/2010 Friday Free Form


CFTP's 18th Birthday

Playlist Tracks: 
Chesney Hawkes - The One And Only
Album: Greatest Hits Of The '90s; Label: Disky
Robert Palmer - Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley
Album: FM Rock IV; Label: Time-Life
Peter Cetera - Living In The Limelight
Album: Peter Cetera; Label: WB
Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance
Album: Rock The First Vol. 3; Label: Sandstone
Laura Branigan - Gloria in 3D
Album: Hot Classics; Label: Hot Tracks
Chipmunks - Hold On Tight
Album: Chipmunk Rock; Label: RCA
Was (Not Was) - Semi-Interesting Week
Album: Boo!; Label: Ryko
Romantics - One In A Million
Album: 45; Label: Nemperor
L'Trimm - Cars With The Boom
Album: Hot Moves; Label: JCI
Raf - Self Control
Album: Pop And Wave Vol. 8; Label: Sony
I Wanna Dance Wit Choo - Disco Tex And The Sex-O-Lettes
Album: 100 Dance Hits Of The 1970s; Label: Conoisseur Collection
Meesak Nakaratch - Luk Ron
Album: Zud Rang Ma; Label: unknown
Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus
Album: 45; Label: WMOT
Saga - On The Loose
Album: Worlds Apart; Label: Polydor
Weird Al Yankovic - The Plumbing Song
Album: Off The Deep End; Label: Scotti Brothers
Girl You Know It's True - Numarx
Album: 12; Label: Studio
Jellyfish - Joining A Fan Club
Album: Spilt Milk; Label: Charisma
Pu Og Eg - Pu Og Eg
Album: Pottpett '70s; Label: Skifan
Fountains Of Wayne - Bright Future In Sales
Album: Welcome Interstate Managers; Label: S-Curve
Robin Schade - I Love New York State Cheese
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Air Date: 
January 30, 2010

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