1/29/2010 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Akai - Breath
Album: The Coldest Hour; Label: s/r
Lazlo Supreme - Beep Beep
Album: Evil Made Easy; Label: s/r
Self Evident - Nonlocality
Album: Endings; Label: DOuble Plus Good Records
Private Dancer - Perfume Cow
Album: Trouble Eyes; Label: Learning Curve Records
Evening Rig - Bartender
Album: Is DOin' Stuff; Label: Heart of the Champion
Willie Murphy - Road Song
Album: Autobiographical Notes; Label: Red House Records
Cadillac Kolstad - Baby Don't Allow Me (to Fool Around With You
Album: CAdillac v. Cornbread; Label: Mill City Music
Brute Heart - Brass Beads SHarp Teeth
Album: Brass Beads Sharp Teeth; Label: s/r
Electric Arab Orchestra - Tajar (Traditional)
Album: One THousand and one Nights; Label: s/r
The Jinkies - Studio J
Album: The Jinkies; Label: Kingpin Records
The Fog - The Fool
Album: The Fog; Label: Dinkytown Records
Mute Era - Quarter Moon
Album: Darkness Dreams of Light; Label: s/r
Dante and the Lobster - Wake Up
Album: Wonders; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Adam Patterson - untitled
Album: Tu; Label: /r
Obchod Nakorze - Lump/Navy Boy
Album: Selections; Label: s/r
Cold Front - Beyond the Beat
Album: Beyond the Beat; Label: audiocon
2i - My Little Tounge
Album: House of Nerves; Label: Goat in a Birdsiut Records
The Blackwood Apology - Here I Am
Album: House of Leather; Label: Mecury Records
Askeleton - The Future
Album: The Future EP; Label: O-MAtic
Fine, Metzger, Seru - Side 1
Album: Medusa's Lair; Label: Locust Music
Brass Kings - When the Springtime Comes
Album: Brass Kings; Label: Dream House Records
Air Date: 
January 29, 2010

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