1/29/2010 Across The Board


Here is the List of Mashups:
Sail My Bitch Away = Enya vs Prodigy
Eleanor Reggae = Beatles
Eleanor Rigby = Beatles vs Depeche Mode
Let It Be Wasn't Me = Beatles vs Shaggy
Two Time Blonde = INXS vs The Doors
Riders Rapture = Blonde vs The Doors
Hello I Fooled You = The Who vs The Doors
Get Back = Beatles vs Kinks vs LCD Sound System
Lust Train = Monkees vs Iggy Pop vs Cream vs Doors vs Stones
Relaxed to the Second = Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs Mika
Dirty Deeds Will Rock You = Queen vs AC DC
Mick 'n' Carly = Rolling Stones vs Carly Simon
Billy Jean Frozen = Madonna vs Michael Jackson
Frozen Shout = Madonna vs Tears For Fears
Remember The Time Miles Away = Madonna vs Michael Jackson
What is Music = Madonna vs Haddaway
I Feel Future Love-Doug The Thug Mix = Madonna vs Donna Summer
Doug The Thug Meltdown = Madonna vs Beatles vs Negativland
Smells Like Billy Jean = Michael Jackson vs Nirvana
Come Closer = Beatles vs Nine Inch Nails
She Wants Animals = Nine Inch Nails vs Ace of Base
2000 Light Years From Bolan = Rolling Stones vs T Rex
Gimme Battle = Rolling Stones vs Kraftwerk vs Model 500
And the mind-blower of them all is a flawless, seamless flow of three of the greatest divas’ dance tracks: Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”, Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Cher’s “Believe”. The Title: “Believe in Somebody’s Virgin”. WOW!

Below is the list of actual regulation CDs or records that must be listed due to contractual obligations:

Playlist Tracks: 
LaTour - Blue
Album: Promo Copy; Label: XX records
Laundromat Vacation - Aqua Naught
Album: Single; Label: Self
Firecracker City - Eclectica
Album: 7; Label: Eclectic Music
Blackberry Money Honey - Eclectica
Album: 7; Label: Eclectic Music
Da Mode - All I Ever Wanted
Album: 12 DJ Vinyl; Label: Dance Records
Depeche Mode vs Bond St - Personal Jesus Morning Mix
Album: 12 Promo Copy; Label: Confidential Records
Mike Koglin - Enjoy the Gravy
Album: 12 Promo Copy; Label: None
Madonna - Tracy Young's Shake Stir Club Mix
Album: 12 Promo Copy; Label: Maverick