1/27/2010 Echo Chamber


From brand new releases, to the re-release of a classic, another program full of great dub and roots. New releases from: Vibronics; Citizen Sound; Trevor "The Technician" McKenzie (with Mika on vocals) and more...including Rihanna's cover of "Redemption Song" for Haiti benefit. The classic re-release tonight: "Harder Shade of Black" (on Pressure Sounds). More new releases including: e.g. bailey; DJ Spooky; Vuelo meets Tony Dubshot; and Echo Skill Hi-Fi.
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material

Playlist Tracks: 
*Citizen Sound - Riddim Culture
Album: promo ep; Label: direct from artist
*Leonard Santic All Stars - Special Branch
Album: Harder Shade of Black; Label: Pressure Sounds
*Vuelo meets Tony Dubshot - El General 3 (Dubshot's Shaken Not Stirred Redub)
Album: The Vuelo Tapes; Label: direct from artist
*Rihanna - Redemption Song
Album: N/A; Label: Free download
*Dub Spencer Trance Hill - Enter Sandman
Album: Riding Strange Horses; Label: Echo Beach
*Vibronics - Teachings (version)
Album: Teachings [EP] - SCOOPs 028; Label: Scoops
*e.g. bailey - Liberia
Album: American Afrikan; Label: Tru Ruts / Speakeasy
*Red Earth Collective - Dub Africa
Album: Read Earth Dub; Label: Red Earth
*U.Stone - High Stoned
Album: Digital Shadows; Label: Original Dub Gathering
*Trevor The Technician McKenzie (feat. Mika) - Warrior Step Dub
Album: TBD; Label: direct from artist
*DJ Spooky - Point-Counterpoint
Album: The Secret Song; Label: Thirsty Ear
*Echo Skill Hi-Fi - Gecko
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist (via SoundCloud)
Cedric Im Brooks - Steaming
Album: From Mento to Reggae to Third World Music; Label: VP
*Dub Karma - Crisis
Album: Emotions Are Our Friends; Label: Dub Karma / Believe Digital
Bush Chemists - Godd Sensi Dub 2
Album: One Dub; Label: Interchill
*Jah Woosh - Shouldn't Say No
Album: Harder Shade of Black; Label: Pressure Sounds
*King Tubby Santic All Stars - Santic Meet King Tubby
Album: Harder Shade of Black; Label: Pressure Sounds
LS symfHoney - Angel In Disguise
Album: Out of Many...One Sound; Label: Malyshe Productions
Noiseshaper - We Rock It
Album: Satellite City; Label: Cat N' Roof
Mutant Frogs - Hot Sand and Rolling Waves
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
São Paolo Ska Jazz - Fim de Semana
Album: São Paolo Ska Jazz; Label: self-release
Firebug - O Preço
Album: Outra Coisa; Label: Radiola/Grover
Aural Exciters - Emil (Night Rate)
Album: Spooks in Space; Label: Ze Records
English Beat - Doors of Your Heart
Album: Wha'ppen?; Label: IRS Records
Riddimates - Soul Burnin'
Album: Too Much Blowing is Just Right; Label: Ska in the World
Dry Heavy - TKO
Album: One Punch; Label: Beat Records
Easy Star All Stars - An Airbag Saved My Dub
Album: Radiodread; Label: Easy Star
Clint Eastwood General Saint - Monkey Man
Album: Stop That Train; Label: Greensleeves
The Slits - Lazy Slam
Album: Trapped Animal; Label: Narnack
The Slits - Can't Relate
Album: Trapped Animal; Label: Narnack
Air Date: 
January 27, 2010