1/18/2010 Jet Set Planet


Spoken Word Special on Jet Set Planet!

Join Brian and Mike, from the Atlanta Chapter of the Higher-Than-Fi Research Team for the Spoken Word Special on Jet Set Planet, Monday January 18th from 10:30pm to Midnight. Culled from Atlanta-area second hand shops like Goodwill and Last Chance Thrift Brian and Mike present the detritus of post-war audiophiles and aspiring salesmen for your listening pleasure. It's the Spoken Word Special on Jet Set Planet.

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Jet Set Planet Playlist - January 18, 2010

Playlist Tracks: 
Ken Nordine - Countdown From Sounds In Space
Album: Sounds In Space; Label: RCA
Admiral Announcer - Opening Announcement From Admiral: Stereophonic Demonstration Record
Album: Admiral: Stereophonic Demonstration Record; Label: RCA
Gotham Recording Corporation Announcer - Now Hear This
Album: How To Communicate Your Ideas; Label: Nation’s Business
Shure Announcer - Introduction From An Audio Obstacle Course
Album: An Audio Obstacle Course; Label: Shure
Svenska - Hoger-vanster-fas
Album: LJUD Och Hur Det Ska Lata; Label: Svenska Hi FiInstitutet
Realistic Corp - Bands 7, 8, 9, 10 From Realistic Stereo Test Record
Album: Realistic Stereo Test Record; Label: AF
Liberty Records - Ping Pong Game
Album: Stereo…The Visual Sound; Label: Liberty
Stereo Technician - Proper Balancing of Stereo Speakers
Album: Sensational Stereo Spectacular Demonstration Album; Label: Tops/Mayfair
Autosuggestion Expert - Autosuggestion
Album: The Power of Inspired Salesmanship; Label: Success Motivation Institute, Inc
Futursonic Speaker - Introduction From The Swingin’ Sound
Album: The Swingin’ Sound; Label: Futursonic Productions
Production Library Rep - Introduction to Finally... a production music library that sounds great!
Album: Finally... a production music library that sounds great!; Label: Network
Columbia School of Broadcasting - Speaking Faults
Album: Course In Radio Announcing Phase One; Label: Columbia School of Broadcasting
Race Car Drivers - Drivers’ Talk
Album: Sound Effects Daytona Speedway; Label: AF
Command Tech - Stereo Balance Check
Album: Command Stereo Checkout; Label: Command
Standard Oil Spokesman - Excerpt
Album: America Becomes a World Power; Label: Standard Oil
Conversa-Phone Institute - Band 3, Lessons 5 6
Album: Hindi Language Record Course; Label: Conversa-Phone Institute
NASA - Excerpt
Album: Journey To The Moon; Label: Buddah
Pasadena Homes, Inc - Driveway Maintenance
Album: Home Owner’s Maintenance Tips and Warranty Information; Label: Pasadena Homes, Inc
The Dawn Chorus - Audio Discussion
Album: Out of This World: Ionospheric Swishes, Whistlers, Tweeks; Label: Cook
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology - Excerpt
Album: Voices of The Night: The Calls of 34 Frogs and Toads of the United States and Canada; Label: Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Popular Photography Magazine - Bands 16, 17, 18
Album: Sound For a Picture Evening Volume II; Label: Capitol
Flight FINAL Cast - Excerpt
Album: Flight F-I-N-A-L; Label: Word
John Adams - American Standard, ii Christian Zeal and Activity
Album: Christopher Hobbs/John Adams/Gavin Bryars - Ensemble Pieces; Label: Obscure
Command Technicians - Left and Right Channel Check
Album: Command Stereo Checkout; Label: Command
Conversa-Phone Institute Dancers - Man’s Right Turn Under
Album: How To Mambo; Label: Conversa-Phone Institute
Walter Cronkite - 1968
Album: The Incredible Year; Label: CBS News
Queen Mary Whistle - Queen Mary Whistle
Album: Voice of The Sea; Label: Cook/Road
NASA - Excerpt from Space
Album: Journey To The Moon; Label: Buddah
Various Racecars - Various Racecars
Album: Sounds of Speed; Label: Riverside
Standard Oil Representative - Excerpt
Album: The Industrial Revolution in America; Label: Standard Oil
The Aluminum Company of America - Excerpt
Album: Change For The Better; Label: The Aluminum Company of America
C. Northcote Parkinson - Political Discussion
Album: C. Northcote Parkinson Discusses Political Science; Label: Academic Recording Institute
Air Date: 
January 18, 2010

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