1/14/2010 Hmong American Reachout


Mr. Juavah Lee talks about financial aide for post secondary school applicants in general. There are several different kinds of financial aides such as federal, state and institution financial aides. There are deadlines for submiting your application for financial aides. Apply electronically will speed the processing of your application. Parent(s) information needs to be complete your application would be 2009 tax file, social security and name(s) spell out exactly as it appears on you social security card for the purpose of signature verification. Your financial aides are determined individually and accurately based on the amount of income that parent(s) plus student's. You would need to log into www.fafsa.gov this web site is free of charge. if you log into the .com an application fee will be charged to you. Learn how to fill out your application by log in to www.mncollegegoalsunday.org and to search and apply for scholarships at www.fastweb.com. Mr. Juavah Lee also gave his telephone number over the air and you can obtain by listening to this program.

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Tching Lee - Tsi muaj tus
Album: Tsi muaj tus; Label: Best of 2007
faith blossom - Koj yog tus kluv hlub
Album: tsi tau qhia leej twg; Label: Nagaleeng Records, Inc
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January 14, 2010

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