1/11/2010 Jet Set Planet


Jet Set Planet Playlist – January 11, 2010

{R} Listener Request
{N} Artist new to Jet Set Planet

Playlist Tracks: 
Shake Keane - Make Like Shake
Album: Dig It; Label: Phase 4
Danny Davis - Fall Out
Album: 007; Label: Metro
JJ Johnson Kai Winding - Too Close for Comfort
Album: Jay and Kai; Label: Columbia
Skip Martin - Bad Guys
Album: Mike Hammer; Label: RCA
The Parris Mitchell Strings with Brass - Man from THRUSH
Album: Thunderball; Label: Pickwick
Secret Agents - Majorca Express
Album: Thunderball; Label: Design
Skip Martin - Richard Diamond
Album: TV Jazz Themes; Label: Somerset
Harold Betters - Pretty Flamingo
Album: Out of Sight Sound; Label: reprise
Marketts - Come to the Sunshine
Album: Sunpower; Label: WP
{R}{N} Triste Janero - Get Together
Album: Meet Triste Janero; Label: White Whale
Jean Morlier - Cha Ba Da Ba Da
Album: The Big Mad Wide Wonderful World of Jean Morlier; Label: Murbo
John Morell - Mozart Summer
Album: Instrumnetal Hit Sounds; Label: Capitol
The Free Design - You Could Be Born Again
Album: You Could Be Born Again; Label: Project 3
Tony Mottola - I Found Love
Album: Warm Wide and Wonderful; Label: Project 3
Wendy and Bonnie - It's What's Really Happening
Album: Genesis; Label: Skye
Ray Bryant - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Album: Up above the Rock; Label: Cadet
Maurice Jarre - Villistas Attacking the Train
Album: Villa rides; Label: DOT
Sandy Nelson - Over Under Sideways Down
Album: Beat that Drum; Label: Imperial
Earl Grant - Model A Reggae
Album: Earl Grant; Label: Decca
Mexicali Brass - Downtown
Album: Downtown; Label: Crown
Mexicali Brass - I Dream of Jeannie In a Persian Market
Album: Whipped Cream / Zorba the Greek; Label: Crown
Mexicali Brass - Calexico Cocktails
Album: What Now My Love; Label: Crown
Luis Mendoza - Hollywood Cha Cha Cha
Album: Mambo Cha Cha Cha; Label: Modern
Michel Magne - The Peanut Vendor
Album: Tropical Fantasy; Label: Columbia
Manuel and his Strings - Mountain Carnival
Album: Latin Holiday; Label: MGM
Melino - Wagon Wheel Mambo
Album: Yippee Ole; Label: Jubilee
Air Date: 
January 11, 2010

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