1/3/2010 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


*Feature Presentation* - *Goblin Tax*, by Allen Varney. Four nerdy players of Roll-playing games find their fantasy coming true when the game takes on a life of its own. Produced here at KFAI by a href=http://www.romm.org/audio/ target=_newShockwave/a.
*Second Feature* - *The Dan* from a href=http://www.dougbost.com/unionsignal/ target=_newUnion Signal/a. Doug Bost's story of another nerd who works in a record store and is obsessed with a missing song by Steely Dan.

Playlist Tracks: 
Allen Varney - Goblin Tax
Album: Goblin Tax; Label: Shockwave
Doug Bost - The Dan
Album: Union Signal; Label: Union Signal
Air Date: 
January 3, 2010

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