12/21/2009 Jet Set Planet


h3. Hey everybody, it's HEINO!

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Playlist for Jet Set Planet
December 21, 2009

{N} Artist NEW to JSP
{R} Request

Playlist Tracks: 
Chuck Sagle - the Moon was yellow
Album: splendor in the brass; Label: reprise
Ray Conniff - It's Too Late
Album: Great Contemporary Instrumental Hits; Label: Columbia
Howard Roberts - We've Only Just Begun
Album: Sounds; Label: Capitol
Sound Stage 9 Orch - Where Am I Going?
Album: Music from Sweet Charity; Label: Vocalion
Don Costa - Devil Rides in Jericho
Album: Modern Delights; Label: Verve
Tony Mottola - Love child
Album: guitar underground; Label: project 3
The Soulful Strings - Minor Adjustment
Album: Another Exposure; Label: Cadet
Chano Scotty - Cancion de Orfeo
Album: New Sound of Chano Scotty; Label: Musicor
Mike Sharpe - Mondo Nova
Album: The Sharpest Sax; Label: Liberty
Lalo Schifrin - The Gentle Earthquake
Album: There's a Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin On; Label: Dot
Buddy Merrill - Theme from Spellbound
Album: Latin Festival; Label: GNP
Reg Guest - Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Album: Exciting Piano of Reg Guest; Label: London
{R} Roy Budd - Hurry to Me
Album: The Sound Spectrum; Label: Sequel
Santo Johnny - Help Me
Album: The Brilliant Guitar Sounds of; Label: Imperial
Oscar Peterson - Wandering
Album: Motions Emotioins; Label: PA USA
Anita Kerr Singers - I Believe to My Soul
Album: Georgia on My Mind; Label: RCA
Bud Shank - Turn Turn Turn
Album: Michelle; Label: WP
Doc Severinsen - Bonnie
Album: Doc; Label: RCA
Joe Sherman - La Pachanga
Album: Viva La Pachanga; Label: Kapp
Mike Simpson - Marching Along
Album: Marching Along; Label: Mercury
Mariano - Green Tambourine
Album: 25th Hour; Label: Capitol
Rene Touzet - Flamingo
Album: His Piano, Chorus Orch; Label: GNP
Panorama Sound Orch - If I were a Rich Man
Album: More than Music; Label: Philips
Sam Taylor - Stella by Starlight
Album: More Blue Mist; Label: MGM
Heino - Sayonara
Album: Die Schönsten Volkslieder Der Welt; Label: Hor Zu
Superdudes - Slaughter
Album: Superfly; Label: Pickwick
Danny Davis - Red eyed rats
Album: Music from 007; Label: Metro
Chris Hinze Combo - Venga
Album: Destination Paradise; Label: Warner Jazz
Air Date: 
December 21, 2009

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