12/18/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Dragons Power Up! - House Fires
Album: Brace For The Bloom; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
The Vignettes - Comic Book Heroes
Album: III; Label: The Vignettes
Roma di Luna - River
Album: Christmas; Label: Roma di Luna
Bill Thompson - Black Grate
Album: Cat Went Blind; Label: USA River Music
Jennifer Markey - Bottom of the Glass
Album: We're All Going To Hell!; Label: Jennifer Markey
Dante The Lobster - Wake Up
Album: Wonders; Label: S.A.C.
The Bitter Spills - Fare Thee Well
Album: Folk Song Favorites; Label: MoFolk Records
Daughters Of The Sun - Way Out
Album: Daughters Of The Sun; Label: Modern Radio
Dosh - Call The Kettle
Album: Powder North; Label: Dosh Family Recordings
The Blind Shake - Blue Step
Album: Carmel; Label: Learning Curve
Retribution Gospel Choir - Somebody's Someone
Album: Retribution Gospel Choir; Label: Caldo Verde
The Pines - Spike Driver Blues
Album: Tremelo; Label: Red House Records
Woodcat - Jack (call to arms)
Album: Woodcat; Label: Woodcat
Mike Olson - Raymond's Electronium
Album: System Error; Label: Mike Olson
Kunle Odus - Let Me Show You
Album: You're The Only One; Label: Scorpio Productions
2i - My Little Tounge
Album: House of Nerves; Label: Goat in a Birdsuit Records
L73 - What's The Matter With Material
Album: Men Of Distinction; Label: Garage D'Or
The Christopher Danforths - Further Out Of Space
Album: Here Than Anywhere Compilation; Label: Here Than Anywhere
Obchod The Chorus - Navy Boy
Album: Obchod; Label: S.A.C.
Moonstone - The Erotic Banquet
Album: Moonstone; Label: Moonstone
Slapping Purses - Alexandra MN Bass Murder Party
Album: Diamonds are Fprever; Label: s/r
aSkeleton - The Future
Album: The Future; Label: O-matic Records
Air Date: 
December 18, 2009

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