12/12/2009 This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'

Playlist Tracks: 
Glenda Colins - This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'
Album: title cut; Label: RPM
unknown/uncredited orchestra - Radical Chick
Album: Tilsley Orchestral No. 9; Label: DeWolfe
The Clears - Money
Album: self-titled; Label: Smells Like Records
Johnette Napolitano with Marc Moreland - Hurting Each Other
Album: If I were a Carpenter; Label: AM
Alexia - Non Lasciarmi Mai
Album: self-titled; Label: Sony
Ketty Lester - Sweet Fortune
Album: Love Letters; Label: Collectables
Go-Bang's - Love Drive
Album: Dangerous Charms; Label: BMG Victor
Haymarket Square - Elevator
Album: Magic Lantern; Label: Gear Fab Records
Broadcast - Colur me In
Album: Haha Sound; Label: Warp Records
Goldfrapp - Crystalline Green
Album: Black Cherry; Label: Mute Corporation
Dayna Kurtz - Just Like Jack
Album: Postcards from Downtown; Label: Kismet Records
The Hedrons - Falling Star
Album: One More Won't Kill Us; Label: 4 West
Ivory - A Thought
Album: self-titled; Label: Gear Fab Records
Jan the Band - Fred Rogers
Album: The Early Year; Label: Me! Records
The Casual Dots - Clocks
Album: self-titled; Label: Kill Rock Stars
Nita Nolan - Because of You, Dad
Album: 7 45; Label: Preview Records
The Charmers - Visiting Day
Album: 7 45; Label: Terrace Record Co.
The Castle Sisters - Goodbye Dad
Album: 7 45; Label: Terrace Record Co.
Carolyn Daye - A Woman Needs Her Man
Album: 7 45; Label: Liberty
Melba Montgomery - What can I Tell the Folks Back Home
Album: 7 45; Label: Musicor
Julie Brown - Ways to Save Money at Christmas
Album: Winter Warnerland; Label: Warner Bros.
Marsha Brody - I'm not a Baby Anymore
Album: 7 45; Label: Bigtop
A.Z. Mortimer - Mama what should I Do?
Album: 7 45; Label: Palette
Dian Erhardt - Mama Worries
Album: 7 45; Label: RCA Victor
Little Rose Little - Papa Don't You Bother 'Bout your Daughter
Album: 7 45; Label: Blue Rock
unknown/uncredited orchestra - Carol of the Bells
Album: Christmas Themes; Label: Big Sound Label
The Lovelites - How can I Tell my Mom Dad
Album: 7 45; Label: Uni
Jan Rhodes - Mom (can I talk to you?)
Album: 7 45; Label: Blue
Mary Robin - A Right to Live
Album: 7 45; Label: NAREFA Records
Sinead O'Connor Terry Hall - All Kinds of Everything
Album: A Song for Eurotrash; Label: EMI
Apollo - Temple of Love
Album: Smile; Label: DGC
Worl-A-Girl - One in a Million
Album: What a Bam! Bam! Women in Reggae/Dancehall Queens; Label: Shanachie
unknown/uncredited orchestra - Mack the Knife
Album: Themes; Label: Big Sound Label
Gordo - Cocktails, Darling
Album: Frolic Diner; Label: Romulan
Enogh Light the Light Brigade - Provocative Percussion
Album: title cut; Label: Command Records
Air Date: 
December 12, 2009

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