12/6/2009 Wave Project

Playlist Tracks: 
Apollo 440 - Stop the Rock
Album: single; Label: Sony
Julian Cope - Just Like Pooh Bear
Album: Julian Cope presents 20 Mothers; Label: KAK/Echo
Echo and the Bunnymen - Rescue
Album: Crocodiles; Label: Korova
Big in Japan/The Chuddy Nuddies - Big In Japan
Album: single; Label: Erics
The Rays - Elevator Operator
Album: Rock and Roll vol. 1; Label: Erics
Jemini - Cry Baby
Album: single; Label: Integral
The Fourmost - Hello Little Girl
Album: The Best of The Fourmost; Label: EMI Gold
Cilla Black - Love of the Loved
Album: The Best of Cilla Black; Label: EMI Gold
Shotgun Express - I Could Feel the Whole World Turn Around
Album: single; Label: EMI
The Reynolds Girls - I'd Rather Jack
Album: Stock, Aitken Waterman: Gold; Label: BMG TV
Pete Wylie and the Mighty Wah! - Heart as Big as Liverpool
Album: Songs of Strength and Heartbreak; Label: When