11/25/2009 Echo Chamber


Starting things out with L&S symfHoney - first their cool "Doctor in the House" jingle, then "Mr & Miss Injustice" on the same riddim. Then on to the new Trumystic "Paradise" album, and "Let There Be Dub" from Aldubb and friends. Also new today was the Dubalizer with "Sub Existência"; Shiina Ringo doing ska with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra; and Tommy T's "The Prester John Sessions" (on Easy Star). A great list rounded out the show: Eating Betty, Pale Rider, Faya Horns & Mad Professor, Cornell Campbell, Sushidread, Urban Desert, Eric Blowtorch & His Superpowers, Dubchek, Dennis Brown, King Tubby, Djosos Krost, Master Margherita, DJ Spooky, and many more.
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material

Playlist Tracks: 
*LS symfHoney - Mr Miss Injustice (with the Doctor in the House jingle intro)
Album: Out of Many...One Sound; Label: Malyshe Productions
*Aldubb with Ras Perez - Let There Be Dub
Album: Let There Be Dub; Label: One-Drop Music / MK2
*Trumystic - Stepping Time
Album: Paradise; Label: TMG
*Dubalizer - Miseros Dub
Album: Sub Existencia; Label: Fresh Poulp
Dubchek - Lee Perry
Album: Down Memory Gap Lane; Label: Unitone
*Tommy T - Tribute to a King
Album: Preston John Sessions; Label: Easy Star
King Tubby - Psalm 4
Album: Psalm of the Time Dub; Label: Tamoki - Wambesi
*Sushidread - Freddy Ugali Dub
Album: Dub Territories; Label: Al Dente
Kadubra/Earth-Ground Combination - Roots Culture Dub
Album: Roots Culture [EP]; Label: Siodemki.com Records
*Aldubb with Ras Perez - Oxymorons
Album: Let There Be Dub; Label: One-Drop Music / MK2
Pale Rider Saddest - Look Youth Man
Album: Look Youth Man [single]; Label: Cassava Outernational
Eating Betty - Love and Justice Dub
Album: Every Spoil A Dub; Label: ACEtone
*Sammy Gold - Collie Herbs
Album: All Kinda Wall; Label: Dubkey
*Master Margherita - Antaris
Album: Waveform Transmissions vol. 2 [various artists]; Label: Waveform
Faya Horns / Mad Professor - City of Dub
Album: Faya Horns meet Mad Professor Joe Ariwa; Label: Makasound
** Trumystic/Kirsty Rock set - to celebrate Paradise release ** -
Album: ; Label:
*Trumystic - Burn Your Bridge
Album: Paradise Tranquility; Label: TMG
Easy Star All Stars with Kirsty Rock - She's Leaving Home
Album: Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band; Label: Easy Star
*Trumystic - untitled dub (hidden track)
Album: Paradise; Label: TMG
Trumystic - Forgiveness
Album: Current Master; Label: TMG
******************************************************** -
Album: ; Label:
Togetha Brotha Sound System - Bless the Chalice Dub
Album: The Way of the Sinner; Label: self release
Eric Blowtorch His Superpowers - Simpatica
Album: Flame On!!; Label: Simmer Down Productions
*Shiina Ringo TSPO - Mayonaka Wa Junketsu (Captain 2-Much Freetime special mix)
Album: Mayonaka Wa Junketsu; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Love Grocer - I Am the Cat
Album: Across the Valley; Label: Universal Egg
*Aldubb - Schroedinger's Cat
Album: Advanced Physics; Label: One-Drop Music / MK2
Urban Desert - Gladiator Sound
Album: Lonely Ranger; Label: Echo Space
Cornell Campbell the Eternals - Queen of the Minstrels (extended mix)
Album: Nice Up the Dance: The Best Studio One; Label: Studio One / Heartbeat
Subatomic Sound System - Our Father, Our King (Middle East Dub)
Album: On All Frequencies; Label: Subatomic Sound
*Dubalizer - Savia Divinorium
Album: Sub Existencia; Label: Fresh Poulp
Lee Scratch Perry the Upsetters - Bionic Rats
Album: 12 Box Set [various artists]; Label: Trojan
Djosos Krost - Straight Upfront (feat. Tuko)
Album: No Sign of Bad; Label: Universal Egg
Andru Branch - My Jamaican Weed
Album: My Jamaican Weed [single]; Label: Halfway Tree
Shiina Ringo (happy 31!) - ?
Album: Utaite Miyouri; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Keyco - Ivory
Album: 1999-2007 Best Songs Collaborative Works; Label: Daiki Sound
Dennis Brown - Sir Niney Rock
Album: Dennis Brown in Dub; Label: Heartbeat
DJ Spooky - ?
Album: Celestial Mechanix - The Blue Series Mastermix; Label: Thirsty Ear
DJ Spooky - Maldoror's Gambit
Album: Celestial Mechanix - The Blue Series Mastermix; Label: Thirsty Ear
Dubblestandart - This Is Life
Album: Heavy Heavy Monster Dub; Label: Echo Beach / Forced Exposure
Sub Dub - Ambrosia
Album: Sub Dub; Label: Instinct Ambient
Air Date: 
November 25, 2009