11/20/2009 Crap From The Past


Happy Holidays!

Playlist Tracks: 
Willis The Guard And Vigorish - Merry Christmas In The NFL
Album: 45; Label: Handshake
Kip Addotta - I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
Album: 45; Label: Laff
Gefilte Joe And The Fish - Hanukkah Rocks
Album: Tales From The Rhino; Label: Rhino
Buchanana And Goodman - Santa And The Satellite Part 1
Album: 45; Label: Luniverse
Wiggles - Wiggly Wiggly Christmas
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Goodies - Make A Daft Noise For Christmas
Album: Yum Yum; Label: Castle
Barney - I Love You
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Beatles - Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
Album: single; Label: Apple
WABC aircheck - taped by RG in December 1978
Album: ; Label:
PowerSource - Dear Mr. Jesus
Album: 45; Label: Powervision
PowerSource - Love Sharon
Album: 45; Label: Powervision
Wesley Willis - Merry Christmas
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Ron Boogiemonster Gerber - Deck The Halls
Album: unreleased; Label: unreleased
Seymore Swine And The Squeelers - Blue Christmas
Album: 45; Label: Swine Productions
Air Date: 
November 20, 2009

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