11/20/2009 Voice Cried Softly


SPROTON LAYER: The Wonderful Rise (With Magnetic Fields Disrupted) New Alliance 1971
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: String Bean Jean (Dog On Wheels) Jeepster 1997
TARTUFI: Choo Choo (So We Are Alive) Thread 2005
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC: Angry White Boy Polka (Poodle Hat) Volcano 2003
BOOKER T THE MGS: Soul-Limbo (Soul Limbo) Stax 1968
BROADCAST: Come On Let's Go (The Noise Made By People) Warp 2000
VAN HALEN: On Fire (self) Warner Bros. 1978
SQUIRREL BAIT: Kick the Kat (Skag Heaven) Homestead 1986
THE BEACH BOYS: I'm Waiting for the Day (Pet Sounds) Capitol 1966
V9R9D: Track 2 [untitled] (Nose, Beard, Cobra, and Omar) self 2004
BEN E. KING: First Taste of Love (Don't Play That Song) Atco 1961
THE HAGGARD: God Kills Kittens and Babies MYOBMF (A Bike City Called Greasy) Mr. Lady 2000
PANDA BEAR: Search for Delicious (Person Pitch) Paw Tracks 2007
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL: Keep On Chooglin' (Bayou Country) Fantasy 1969
SPIRES THAT IN THE SUNSET RISE: Desert Mind (This Is Fire) Secret Eye 2008
WILLIE DIXON: Spoonful (I Am the Blues) Columbia 1970
ODD NOSDAM: On Kill Tone (Level Live Wires) Anticon 2007
CHUCK BERRY: 30 Days (7 single) Chess 1955
MUM: Blessed Brambles (Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy) FatCat 2007
LARKIN GRIMM: The Most Excruciating Vibe (The Last Tree) Secret Eye 2006
RAY CHARLES: It's All Right (Yes Indeed!!) Atlantic c1958
MATCHING MOLE: Smoke Signal (March) Cuneiform 1971

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November 20, 2009

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