11/18/2009 Echo Chamber


Another week filled with excellent new releases. Topping the list was the fantastic "Prester John Sessions" from Tommy T (on Easy Star). More great new stuff from: Sushidread, King Midas Sound, Tony Dubshot, The Black Seeds, The Technician, The Slits, Babilonci, Nneka, Tricky and South Rakkas Crew, Omar Perry, and Aldubb. Also, the new compilation "All Kinda Wall" on Dubkey.

This show dedicated to the late Bim Sherman who went on to Zion on November 17, 2000.
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material

Playlist Tracks: 
*Tommy T - Oromo Dub (Cushitic Dub)
Album: The Prester John Sessions; Label: Easy Star
*Sushidread - Dub Territories
Album: Dub Territories; Label: Al Dente
Bim Sherman - 10,000 Ethiopians
Album: Love Forever; Label: EFA
*The Black Seeds - Make a Move Dub
Album: Solid Ground; Label: Easy Star
*Nneka - Kangpe
Album: No Longer At Ease; Label: Four Music
*King Midas Sound - Outer Space
Album: Waiting For You; Label: Hyperdub
Chris Murray - Janie Jones
Album: N/A; Label: from YouTube video
*Manwel T - Dub Away
Album: All Kinda Wall; Label: Dubkey
*Ras Bruno - Good Dubbing
Album: All Kinda Wall; Label: Dubkey
Lion Vibrations (feat. Jahga) - Wszystko A Nie Nic
Album: So Much Bette; Label: Zima
*Tony Dubshot - Drink Milk
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
Groundation - By All Means
Album: Here I Am; Label: Young Tree
Bim Sherman - Tribulation Dub
Album: Rub-A-Dub; Label: Century / EFA
*Steve Steppa - Smile
Album: Complete Rendev vous Sessions [promo]; Label: Springline Jamaica
*Mauxuam Greg Hunter - Stratus.Alto
Album: Cloudcycle; Label: Bakshish Music
*Trevor The Technician McKenzie - EN2 Skank
Album: The 95 - 97 Sessions; Label: direct from artist
Toots the Maytals (feat. Willie Nelson) - Still is Still Moving To Me
Album: True Love; Label: V2
Little Tempo - Over the Rainbow
Album: Mountain and Sea; Label: Sunshine Records
Fishmans - I Dub Fish
Album: Seasons (Life) [EP]; Label: Universal
*Tommy T (feat. Gigi) - Eden
Album: The Prester John Sessions; Label: Easy Star
Rico Rodriguez with The Zoot - Cleopatra
Album: Japa Rico; Label: Phantom
*Babilonci - Ludi Pes
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
Rosey - Love (Bost Bim Dub)
Album: Love Remixes [EP]; Label: Quango
King Tubby / Jah Thomas - Show Dub
Album: Jah Thomas meets King Tubby in the House of Dub; Label: Majestic
*Aldubb - Divided by Zero
Album: Advanced Physics; Label: MK2
60 Channels - 2nd Movement + Scorched Earth
Album: Covert Movements - Instrumentals; Label: Supa Crucial
*Tricky and South Rakkas Crew - Cross to Bear
Album: Tricky meets South Rakkas Crew; Label: Domino Records
Lisa Shaw - Inside My Love
Album: Free; Label: Salted
*The Slits - Lazy Slam
Album: Trapped Animal; Label: Narnack
Drain - Wendy Will Win
Album: Offspeed and In There; Label: Trance Syndicate
Hanfstengel Yo-Yo - Big Fish (Winter Mix)
Album: Wafeform Transmissions - V.2 [various artists]; Label: Waveform
International Observer - The International Parts 1 2
Album: Chillicious [various artists]; Label: Waveform
Adrian Sherwood - Animal Magic (feat. Lee Perry)
Album: Becoming a Cliche; Label: RealWorld
Dry Heavy / King Jammy - Love Explosion Dub (feat. Likkle Mai)
Album: King Jammy Meets Dry Heavy in the Jaws of the Tiger; Label: BSI
*Omar Perry - Bring Me Joy (feat. Cleo)
Album: Can't Stop Us; Label: Makafresh
The Revolutionaries - Tell Me the Dub
Album: Roots Man Dub [various artists]; Label: GG Records / Heartbeat
The Revolutionaries - See Me Dub
Album: Roots Man Dub [various artists]; Label: GG Records / Heartbeat
Air Date: 
November 18, 2009