11/15/2009 Songs Of Praise


This is gospel music fit for a king. I encourage each listener to worship somewhere on this day.

Playlist Tracks: 
James Cleveland - The Prayer
Album: No ways tired; Label: Savoy
Sensational Nightingales - How to be born again
Album: Best Of; Label: MCA
Canton Spirituals - Put God first
Album: Gospel Celebration; Label: Celebrity
Shirley Caesar - No Charge
Album: No ways tired; Label: Savoy
Barnes Family - Roughside of the Mountain
Album: Roughside of the mountain; Label: BMC
James Flowers - He was on the cross
Album: Gospel Celebration; Label: Celebrity
Howard Hunt - Make a change
Album: Gospel Gold; Label: Black label
Clay Evans - Have you got religion
Album: Golden Gospel Greats; Label: Malaco
Vocalairs - Becareful with your soul
Album: Master's hand; Label: ShurFine
Willie Banks - For the wrong I've done
Album: Gospel gold; Label: Black Label
Jackson Southernaires - Teddy Bear
Album: Greatest Hits; Label: Malaco
Denise Lasalle - Going Through Changes
Album: God's got my back; Label: Angel in the Midst
Jackson Southernaires - When he speaks
Album: The word in song; Label: Malaco
Friendly Six - Thank you
Album: The Book; Label: One way records
Sam Cooke - Touch the hem of his garment
Album: Precious memories; Label: Malaco
Cleophus Robinson - wrapped up, tied up, tangled up
Album: I shall know him; Label: Peacock
Lee Williams - you didn't have to
Album: Good time; Label: MCS
Mighty Clouds of Joy - Glad about it
Album: This is gospel; Label: HOB
Five Blind Boys of Mississippi - I believe he died for me
Album: Greatest Gospel Album; Label: Fuel
Denise Lasalle - Satan's on my tracks
Album: God's got my back; Label: Angel in the Midst
Sensational Nightingales - Just Hold On
Album: Songs to Edify; Label: Malaco
Willie Banks - Waiting on Jesus
Album: The Legend lives on; Label: Malaco
Priest G. Eubanks - I can count on you
Album: I need you; Label: House of Grace
Dottie Peoples - It's so hard to get along
Album: Great ladies of Gospel; Label: Arrival
Slim The Supreme Angels - People don't do
Album: Superset; Label: Compendia
Sensational Nightingales - Don't let nothing shake your faith in God
Album: Wasted years; Label: Malaco
Air Date: 
November 15, 2009

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