11/13/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Anders Ponders - How We've Grown
Album: Nodes of Overtones; Label:
Boom Boom Steve V. The Knockouts - My Name is Meth
Album: Tuff Love; Label:
Bob Dylan - Silver Bells
Album: Christmas In The Heart; Label: Columbia
Dark Dark Dark - Junk Bones
Album: The Snow Magic; Label:
Vampire Hands - Paradise Knife Fights
Album: Cuz it's a Beach Funeral; Label:
All the Pretty Horses - Morphine Milk
Album: Queens and Angels; Label: TRG Records
Pert Near Sandstone - I'm a Rambler
Album: Live Just Outside of Sandstone; Label:
The Brass Kings - Northbound
Album: Washboard Rope Guitar; Label:
Eel Electric - Your Angel
Album: Eel Electric; Label:
Chris Koza - The Departed
Album: Patterns; Label:
Bubblemath - TV Paid Off
Album: Such Fine Particles of the Universe; Label: Audios' Amigos Music (BMI)
The Alpha Centauri - Rainbow
Album: The Alpha Centauri; Label:
Ganglion - The Earth Gives Way
Album: of the deep; Label:
February - Afterglow
Album: even the night can't tell you from a star; Label:
Tender Meat - Smelly Toots
Album: It's a Tender World; Label:
Blue Hippos - Drug Party
Album: Blue Hippos; Label: Twin Tone
Fairchild - I've Got Love
Album: Fairchild; Label:
The Rakes - Right Excellent
Album: Volume; Label: VETO Records
Knife World - International Clam
Album: Knife World; Label: Roaratorio
Air Date: 
November 13, 2009

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