11/6/2009 Radio Rumpus Room


Note: The station's MP3 encoder went on the fritz for several days, which is why you just see the RealAudio option. This has been fixed, but there will not be an MP3 archive for this show. Sorry, peeps!

Playlist Tracks: 
SAVVY SHOW STARTER: The Gear Daddies - Time Heals
Album: Billy’s Live Bait; Label: Polydor
Neko Case Her Boyfriends - Honky Tonk Hiccups
Album: The Virginian; Label: Bloodshot
The Crybabies - Man With Money
Album: How The Other Half Lives; Label: Dino
The Accents - Why
Album: 7 45; Label: Bangar
The Kreeg - Impressin'
Album: VA I Wanna Come Back From The World Of LSD; Label: Collectables
Golden Earrings - Sound Of The Screaming Day
Album: The Singles, 1965-1967; Label: BR
Eric Burdon The Animals - Inside Looking Out
Album: The Best Of... 1966-1968; Label: Polygram
Album: ; Label:
(excerpt) Red Nightmare (1957 Warner Bros. film) “Let’s give Jerry a nightmare...” -
Album: ; Label:
Janet Greene - Commie Lies
Album: “What Is Communism” multi-LP lecture kit and box set;; Label: none
(excerpt) Red Nightmare (1957 Warner Bros. film) “smart mouth kids” -
Album: ; Label:
(excerpt) Red Nightmare (1957 Warner Bros. film) “last statement” -
Album: ; Label:
Melvin Gayle - Khrushchev Twist
Album: VA You Better Believe It: White Trash Rockers, Vol. 1; Label: Panic
The Deacons - The Baldie Beat
Album: VA Party Party Party; Label: Arf Arf
Fink Muncx Four - Coffee, Tea Or Me
Album: VA Garage Punk Unknowns, Part One; Label: Crypt
The Mystery Men - Pier X
Album: VA Ho-dad Hootenanny; Label: Ho-Dad
Album: ; Label:
The 99ers - And Then There Was Surf
Album: And Then There Was Surf; Label: Spinout
The Neanderthals - I Go Ape
Album: The Modern Stone-Age Family; Label: Sundazed
Davie Allan The Arrows - Chopper
Album: Fuzz Fest; Label: AVI
Bocky The Visions - The Spirit of ‘64
Album: VA Better Than The Beatles; Label: Knight
The Exterminators - Declaration Of Independence ‘65
Album: VA The Quill Records Story; The Best Of Chicago Garage Bands; Label: Collectables
Buck Owens The Buckaroos - Twist And Shout
Album: Carnegie Hall Concert; Label: Capitol
The Gibson Brothers - Giddy-Up Go
Album: Punk Rock Truck Drivin’ Song Of A Gun; Label: Homestead
Erin Hay - I’m A Honky Tonk Girl
Album: Honky Tonk Heaven; Label: Westwood International
Rig Rock Deluxe All Stars - Six Days On The Road
Album: VA Rig Rock Deluxe; Label: Diesel Only
Air Date: 
November 6, 2009

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