10/31/2009 Temposphere


Haunted Beats!

Listener Suggested Horror films:
Night of the Demon
The Innocents
The Omega Man
Any of the Hammer Films

Thanks for the tips!

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Playlist Tracks: 
John Carpenter - Theme from Halloween
Album: Haloween OST; Label:
Plug - Me Mrs. Jones
Album: Drum'n'Bass for Papa; Label: Blue Planet
4Hero - Twothesme
Album: Creating Patterns; Label: Talkin' Loud
MAKE-UP - Save Yourself
Album: Smokin' Aces Save Yourself; Label: K Records
Manfred Hüber Siegfried Schwab - Necronomania
Album: Vampyros Lesbos Sexadelic Dance Party; Label: Crippled Dick Hot Wax
Champion - Gore Gore
Album: Chill'em All; Label: Saboteur Records
U.N.K.L.E. - Rabbit in Your Headlights
Album: Psyence Fiction; Label: Mowax
Salif Keita - Ana Na Ming (La Funk Mob remix)
Album: Remixes from Moffu; Label: Emarcy
DJ Shadow - Giving Up the Ghost
Album: Private Press; Label: Mca
DJ Cam - No Competition
Album: Source Lab; Label: Source
Doctor L - Ghost Town
Album: Source Lab 2; Label: Source
DJ Food feat. Ken Nordine - Ageing Young Rebel
Album: Kaleidescope; Label: Ninja Tune
Chateau Flight - Excerpts from the soundtrack to Les Vampires
Album: ; Label: Versatile
Gotan Project - La Del Ruso (Calexico Version)
Album: Inspiración-Espiración; Label: Xl Recordings
Wall of Voodoo - Ring of FIre
Album: The Index Masters; Label: Restless Records
Sukia - Feel'n Free
Album: Contacto Especial con el Tercer Sexo; Label: Mo Wax
The Dust Brothers - Who Is Tyler Durden?
Album: Fight Club OST; Label: Restless Records
Air Date: 
October 31, 2009