10/30/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
The Twilight Hours - Dreams
Album: Stereo Night; Label: Princessrecords
Willie Murphy - Love Attack
Album: A Shot of Love in a Time of Need; Label: Red House Records
The Rockford Mules - Skin of Fire Blues
Album: From Del's Spit to Angel Tears; Label: SR
Haunted House - Forest Fire
Album: Unknown; Label: SR
Vampire Hands - Opium Typhoon
Album: Virgin Dust American Lips; Label: Freedom From
Lookbook - Yesterday's Company
Album: Wild at Heart; Label: SR
Mute Era - The Way She Played Back
Album: Unknown; Label: SR
The Blind Shake - Wexford Scramble
Album: Carmel; Label: Learning Curve Records
Lusurfer - Surf Bloody Surf
Album: Vulgar Display of Reverb; Label: Chump City Records
All the Pretty Horses - God Dog
Album: Queens and Angels; Label: TRG Records
Mystery Palace - I Can't Wait
Album: Flags Forward; Label: Zod Records
Top Kill a Petty Bourgoisis - Lovers and Liars
Album: The Patron; Label: Kranky
Red Pens - Baby Alligator
Album: Reasons; Label: Grain Belt Records
Slapping Purses - Electro Fresca
Album: Unknown; Label: SR
ZibraZibra - A Robot Never Forgets
Album: The End of the Lion; Label: SR
Prince - Gett Off
Album: Ultimate Prince; Label: Warner Brothers
Morticia - I'm Your Trash Thow Me Away
Album: Martal Fear; Label: Channel 83
Minor Kingdom - Choir of the Lilies feat. Haley Bonar
Album: My Back Will Bend; Label: Grain Belt Records
Retribution Gospel Choir - Unknown
Album: Retribution Gospel Choir E.P.; Label: SR
Air Date: 
October 30, 2009

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